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Endorsements for Speaking Engagements

I first heard Michelle Cox teach at the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. From the time she uttered her first words, I knew she was “real.” Her knowledge and experience (which are vast) impressed me. But, what impressed me even more, was her sincere desire to help other writers follow their dreams and desires. Michelle’s workshops are well-organized, practical, and fun. I thank God for Michelle, and I am one of the many people she has blessed and inspired.—Joy Brown Author/Speaker, President of Creation Kidz, Co-founder of Diversified Ministries.

Michelle Cox taught at our ladies conference at church. She spoke on how we only have 18 summers with our children. She used a jar of rocks and had us remove how many summers (with our children) had passed. The visual of how many summers remained was very powerful.—Cindy Ramsey-Dailey

When I arrived at my first Writing for the Soul conference in 2011 and picked up my binder, I felt so overwhelmed, lost, and alone, I decided to stay in my room all weekend and sleep. Instead, I forced myself to find the room where Michelle Cox would be leading the orientation. She quickly put my mind to rest with her understanding, her clear instructions for the conference, and her adorable southern drawl. She helped me see that I was no different than everyone here, and that these folks were on my side.—Terrie Todd

I first heard Michelle speak at a ladies’ prayer breakfast. I almost didn’t attend because I was feeling a little overwhelmed with life. I had so many things to do after working all week. Could I really afford to give up a Saturday morning? Michelle’s message, “There’s Not a Barbie in the Bible” really hit home for me. Her words of wisdom were spoken with such understanding and compassion I felt as though she could see clear into my heart and spoke the words I needed to hear.—Becky Winebarger

Michelle Cox taught a workshop I attended at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. Her classes are a great source of information for new writers, as well as published authors. I walked away encouraged to write!—Deb Harvey


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