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Twenty Things I’m Thankful For

Twenty Things I’m Thankful For

Mama, what are twenty things you’re thankful for?”

My seven-year-old snuggled up next to me and waited expectantly for my response. I listed twenty things, then watched as she used her little fingers to count off her own list of twenty blessings.

I’m glad she helped me give thanks. Because it’s easy to forget. To lose sight of God’s goodness as bad news fills our newsfeeds and lands in our inboxes. Yet even now – especially now – our hearts need to be reminded that God is still good. He’s filled our lives with tokens of His grace. He’s still in control and is actively bringing good out of evil – on a worldwide scale, as well as a personal one. Nothing can restrict the peace He offers us, for He’s present in every storm.

Recently, after spending the morning with a good book, I found it hard to read road signs in the distance. My eyes struggled to adjust to things far away after focusing on things up close.

In a similar way, it can be hard to see God’s goodness when life’s troubles arrest our attention. But He calls us to look to Him for fresh vision. To pour out our hearts in prayer. To remember our history with Him and the example of believers who’ve gone before us. To dwell on the unchangeable heart of our God and give thanks for the blessings He’s poured into our lives.

Here are some ideas to help your family remember God’s goodness:

  1. Pray together

Jesus understands the turmoil we’re facing during these days. His own heart grew troubled while He walked on this earth (John 11:33, 12:27, 13:21). Spend time praying together about the issues which weigh heavy on your hearts. Ask Him to make you aware of His blessings and show you where He’s at work around you. Pray for ways to be an encouragement to others during this time.

  1. Play the Alphabet game

Around the dinner table or as you tuck the kids in at night, take turns naming things you’re thankful for, starting with the letter A and continuing until you get to Z.

  1. Post a Thankfulness Chart

Write “Things We’re Thankful For” at the top of a sheet of paper and place it in a frequently visited room of the house. Invite everyone to add to it whenever they remember something they’re grateful for.

  1. Talk about your favorite attributes of God

Different aspects of God’s character are especially meaningful to us in various seasons of our lives—and it’s important to instill this in the lives of our children. Talk about which ones you’re most thankful for right now.

God fills our lives with expressions of His love and grace. Let’s remind each other to notice and give thanks for His blessings.

By: Meredith Mills is a wife and mother to three inquisitive, adventurous, fun-loving kids. She writes about resting in Christ and walking with Him in our everyday spaces at Connect with her on Instagram and Twitter @MeredithNMills and on Facebook as @MeredithNicoleMills.

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