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Turkey Tales

Turkey Tales

The temperatures have dipped, and the nights are getting darker, which can only mean one thing – we’re inching closer to Thanksgiving and to the end of fall. November is recognized as the month of thanks, largely because of that 4th Thursday of the month turkey focused celebration.

As you go about your preparations, inviting relatives to dinner, purchasing cranberries and turkeys, and placing the required cornucopia in the middle of the kitchen table, I want you to think about celebrating “Turkey Tales” with your children.

A tale is a true or fictionalized story that is often entertaining and imaginative. A good tale captures our attention, makes us long to hear more, and at times elicits a demand for a repeat performance. Storytelling challenges our most creative and insightful talents, begging us to use our words carefully and with great power.

And it is this power to creatively put words together that builds a child’s imagination, sense of adventure, and ability to read and write with rigor. For that reason, we should always encourage our children’s storytelling efforts. Allow me to present one idea for the month of November.

Designate at least one day per week as “Turkey Tale” day. On this day, you and your child will focus on building the most creative, outrageous and imaginative story of your pet turkey. Now, please note I am not encouraging you to physically purchase a wild turkey for the empty cat or dog carrier. Instead, I want you to pretend that your family has adopted a new pet turkey and he goes on all sorts of adventures around the home and community.

One day Mr. Turkey could visit the public library. Another day, he may wander into your child’s room and fall into the toy box. Or, perhaps he grabs a turkey-sized Bible and joins your family for Sunday worship at the local Methodist church. Ask your child to name your newly adopted turkey friend and let the imagination soar with all sorts of tall turkey tales. If you start a new story, ask your child to continue it, and continue sharing back and forth throughout the day until the tale comes to a rest. You could even partner the turkey tale with a time to color pictures of the adventures, or to create a modeling clay or Lego structure of a vital element from the story.

In short, use this month of Thanksgiving to thank God for granting us creative hearts and minds, while also challenging your adolescents to use words in fun and powerful ways. We glorify our creator with passionate creativity, so dive into those tall turkey tales today, and enjoy lots of laughs with the children.

By: Dr. Lori Brown is a southern educator and writer who enjoys inspiring families to find fullness in the Lord.

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