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Touch is Important

Touch is Important

Last night we had a sleepover. After supper all five of us gathered on my bed for a game or two of Bingo. Then everyone settled down for a few minutes of talk and television time.

We were enjoying a sports competition, each cheering for his or her favorite. As each child became sleepy, he or she settled down on a pillow.

Les was the first to lay down and his head was at the foot of the bed. As he stretched his nine-year-old body out along the edge of the bed, he did so until his foot touched my foot. Sweet, I thought and began to rub his toes with my toes.

The next to go down to pillow level was Carlyn. Tired from a busy day, she hadn’t even entered into much conversation. However, she was not too sleepy to reach over and grab my left hand.

Audrey was in the middle. Since I was crossways on the bed, she just piled her pillows on my  tummy and plopped down. As she settled herself into her throne of soft pillows, she reached up and searched for my right hand. When she found it, she placed it on her back for me to rub.

I felt like I was a plate spinner for sure. The only appendage that didn’t have a “plate” was my left foot and it was so deeply buried under children-laden pillows that I didn’t have any hope of retrieving it.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that what happened on that bed was a continuation of the bonding that began ten, nine, and seven years ago when I first took these three in my arms. Touch is still important and not something that our children will outgrow. And the best times to continue that bonding are often spontaneous.

God longs for us to be connected through touch. Every day offers opportunities for us to feel His touch but it is often subtle. Look for those special times when He reaches down just to simply say, “I love you.”

Think about it:

1)     Do you feel like your children or grandchildren are too old to be touched? They may not want you to hold their hands in public but when it is just the two of you (or three or four) find simple ways to give a hug, rub a back, or tickle an arm.

2)     Just a simple pat on the arm when you pass by can mean a lot to a child. The children today spend so much time with technology that many are missing the touch. An electronic tablet cannot provide the touch and love of a parent, grandparent, or sibling.

3)     Touch is powerful. Remember when the woman touched the hem of Jesus’ garment? (Matthew 9:20)

By: Linda Gilden and her husband live in SC. She is a mother of three children and their spouses and grandmother of five.

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