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Through the Eyes of Love

Through the Eyes of Love

“Mommy, I wish everyone in the whole world could be just like you.”

My oldest son had no idea I would leave his room after hearing those words and weep. At first, his affectionate remark plastered a giant smile across my face. Before long though, as fast as my heart leapt, it fell.

If you only knew, son. If you only knew.

How long will he still see me through his kid lenses? They’ll be removed one day, and he’ll see me for who I really am.

Broken, flawed, and far from perfect.

“Oh, love bug, thank you. That is so kind of you to say, but I mess up all the time.”

I tried telling him that I haven’t come through this life unscathed. Mostly of my own making, both external and internal wounds bear the proof. There are choices I’m not proud of and deep regrets. I tried expressing my humanity and showing him my own desperate need of Christ, the same need that will one day be his, but in his sweet innocence he wouldn’t hear of it.

Eventually, he’ll see the many mistakes I’ve made and perhaps even long for the shaded view he held once upon a time of his mother. Of life. I can’t blame him. At times I’ve longed for my own rose-colored view back, even if for a moment.

Amid my reflection, I was reminded of something beautiful. My son outright refused to see my mistakes and he wouldn’t hear of my imperfections. Precious mother, dear father, isn’t that how God is toward us? Through crimson lenses, the blood of His son shields his view of our guilt.

Our children are fully aware that we don’t do everything right and so is God. But, beloved, through the eyes of love, we are faultless.

By: Callie Daruk is a smitten wife and a joyful mother of three boys in Nashville, TN. As an award-winning writer, blogger, and speaker, she encourages others to seek Christ with their whole heart. She also serves as the Nashville Chapter President for Word Weavers International. Connect with her at,, on Twitter, and Facebook.

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  1. This touched me very deeply. The times I feel as though I’ve failed my daughter…she fully accepts me ad I am & she knows where my heart is. And so does God

    • Hi Ruth, I am so grateful this post blessed you! Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

  2. So precious, Callie. God is so good to give people love that’s blind to the things we hate about ourselves. Love you, dear friend!

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