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Don't forget to make some memories!

Thirty days hath September; Make family memories you’ll always remember!

Thirty days hath September; Make family memories you’ll always remember!

September drops hints of an impending new season. With autumn around the corner, many leaves begin to lose their lush green colors and the slight coolness in the air promises shades of gold and tangerine and crimson in the near future. Use all thirty days of September to create final summer memories, according to the calendar, and fresh fall ones, post-autumnal equinox. Make every day a holiday this month with the ones you love!

Try a few of these zany, but actual, celebrations and create some of your own unique family ones, too.

National Wildlife Day – God’s creations are magnificent and offer exquisite beauty and fascination, along with occasional fear and trepidation. Take the family on a long nature walk in the woods, on a hiking trail, in a state park, or on a country dirt road. Use your cell phone to snap a picture of every wild critter you spot. Make sure to look up, down, and all around, as many of God’s masterpieces are quite minuscule and some are elusive hiders. Then, when you get back home, look online to find the names of the creatures you found. Instead of simply naming your treasures in terms like ‘butterfly’ or ‘ant,’ look at pictures online to identify the ‘black swallowtail’ or ‘harvester ant,’ for example. How many did you find?

National Day of Encouragement – To start this celebration and make it last longer than just one day, gather the family and pass out 5 X 7 envelopes to each person. Have family members use markers, crayons, and stickers to decorate their envelopes. Use magnetic clips to attach the Encouragement Envelopes to the kitchen refrigerator. Ask each person to contribute encouraging notes to family members throughout the month. To make the task easier, leave small note cards and pens near the fridge. Write notes like, “You’re a good student;” “I like the way you share with your little brother;” “God loves your servant heart;” “Thank you for being such a great daddy,” and other reminders of what special family members you have! You can determine prior to the activity if you want to read one per night per person at the dinner table or if family members are free to pull one out of the envelope at their discretion. Then, encourage each person to pass along encouraging words to others outside of the family as a daily practice.

National Ceiling Fan Day – What would we do without this invention? The ceiling fan certainly deserves a day of celebration, right? Well, however you feel about the ceiling fan, celebrate the day with your favorite ‘fans’ – your family members – with this fun craft. Make family fans for those days that you might not have a ceiling fan handy, in the style of the old-fashioned, country church fans. Cut out a square pattern, about seven-and-a-half inches on each side. Then cut curvy lines and round off the corners. Let each family member trace the pattern onto posterboard and cut out. Glue on family pictures to each fan (you can use old photos or print out some from a computer), overlapping them in collage-style to cover all of the white space. Then, on the back of the posterboard, let each person sign their name with a short, personal note.  (Leave empty space where you’ll attach a handle to the fan.) Laminate each fan or cover with clear contact paper. Glue on a large wooden craft stick at the bottom of the fan, and you’re ready to stir up a breeze on a warm September day!

National String Cheese Day – Whip up a batch of Pepperoni-n-Cheese Pinwheels to celebrate String Cheese Day. Gather the family in the kitchen to make this fun appetizer or breakfast recipe. Unroll dough from one can of refrigerated breadsticks and separate into individual breadsticks. Remove the wrapping from one string cheese log and peel the cheese stick into thin strings of cheese. (You’ll need more than one cheese stick, but work with one at a time to keep each one fresh.) Set aside. Cut pepperoni circles into fourths; set aside. To prepare each pinwheel, lay pepperoni fourths flat across the entire length of a breadstick in a single layer. The points of the pepperoni pieces will extend slightly over one edge. Lay several strings of cheese end to end to stretch across the breadstick. Starting at one end, roll up the breadstick into a coil. Pinch the end of the breadstick into the dough to keep it from unrolling while baking. Continue with each of the breadsticks, a pepperoni layer topped with a string cheese layer; then roll into a pinwheel. Place the pinwheels on a slightly-greased baking sheet. Brush with a beaten egg and sprinkle basil, parsley, and Italian seasoning atop each pinwheel. Bake in a 375 degree oven for fourteen to sixteen minutes, until golden brown. Enjoy!

Home Furnishings Month –  Be thankful for the furnishings that make your house a home! Build a sheet-fort to honor the holiday by shifting around a few chairs and covering with a large sheet or blanket. Or, cover a kitchen table with a sheet. Throw some blankets or pillows on the floor inside the sheet-fort and pile the family inside the fort. Play this game while inside: name a home furnishing item for ever letter of the alphabet. Starting with letter A, suggest words like armchair or armoire. Then go to letter B and pick barstool or beanbag. For letter C, use words like chandelier or chiffonier, for example. Can you make it all the way to letter Z?

Thirty days hath September; make every one a day of splendor! Find something to celebrate every day this month and make it a super-spectacular-September! You’ll be so glad you did!

By: Julie Lavender

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  1. Thanks for sharing some great ideas for building family memories!

  2. What fun and practical ideas to read! Beyond that, Julie, you led readers to think of other ways to celebrate life with family. Well-done!

  3. Love your idea of celebrating every day in September. It’s a month of transition and usually I’m dreading the coming of winter, but we should celebrate every season. Each day is a gift!

  4. Fun! I love these ideas. Fall is my favorite time of the year. What a nice way to kick off September.

  5. These are great ideas! I’d love it if you gave us the specific dates on which they are observed. With my luck, I would observe string cheese day on ceiling fan day.

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