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The Sounds, Sights, and Scents of Spring and Summer

The Sounds, Sights, and Scents of Spring and Summer

Spring and summer seems to fill the air like a warm hug, erasing the coldness of winter. We hear it in a chorus of frogs and the babbling of brooks running free from a winter thaw. We smell it in the scent of blossoms and fresh grass. We see it as trees bud and leaves burst forth. These are all the wonders of new life emerging. We feel it in the warmth of sunshine under blue skies and longer hours of daylight.


Take time to rejoice in spring and summer and use your senses to experience them. Here are a few things to find. Add more to the list related to where you live:

  • Babbling brooks
  • Chirping birds
  • Spring showers
  • Baby animals like fluffy lambs bleating and calves mooing
  • The black and yellow as bees buzz
  • Baby chicks chirping
  • Lawnmowers cutting grass
  • Gentle breezes rustling the leaves
  • Frogs croaking in chorus
  • Bats hitting baseballs, jump ropes twirling, and other spring and summer activities

Senses of Heaven

These sounds, sights, and scents make me break out the book of Revelation and turn to chapters 4, 7, 14, and 22, to read about sounds and sights in heaven. There’s a beautiful rainbow over God’s throne, trumpets blasting, a multitude in white robes, the roar of a voice that sounds like rushing waters, angels lapping wings and flying, and a new song sung before the throne. These are sounds of joy.

Check out more sounds and sights in heaven:

Rejoicing in heaven in 1 Chronicles 16:31

Wipe tears in Revelation 7:17, 21:4

Our God reigns in Revelation 19:6

Angel wings in Ezekiel 1:24, 10:5

Languages and people from many nations in heaven in Revelation 7:9, 19:1

Jacob’s dream in Genesis 28:12

God’s voice thundered from heaven in 2 Samuel 2:24, Psalm 29:3, Jeremiah 10:13

The rushing wind of the Holy Spirit descended from heaven in Acts 2:2-3

Jesus will speak your name revealed in Matthew 10:32

Party in heaven in Matthew 8:2; Revelation 19:9

Prayers heard in heaven in Psalm 18:6; Psalm 66:19; Daniel 10:12; John 9:31, Acts 10:31; 1 John 5:14; and  Revelation 5:8

Silence in heaven in Revelation 8:1

Trumpets in Revelation 8:7,

Harps and a new song in Revelation 14:2-3, 15:2

River flowing in Revelation 22:1-2

Horses in Revelation 19:11-14

Fire in heaven in 2 Thessalonians 1:7, Revelation 4:5

By: Karen Whiting

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