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The Power of the Story

The Power of the Story

One of my favorite trends in home design currently has to be the reclaimed and vintage category. These are items that people are finding and reusing in a new way. For instance, a lighting company in Tennessee is taking wood timbers from a dock in a port and is making light fixtures from them. The beams are rough, but solid and are sanded down and remade into a new and useful product. In addition, there are some great stories that go along with these reclaimed products.

The same trend occurs with vintage products. A quick walk through the antiques floor of the Atlanta gift market revealed many vintage games, signs, and artwork. These items aren’t necessarily repurposed into new products, but they are cleaned up a bit and placed back into homes, restaurants, and commercial settings with a vintage feel. These items again have a story—the place they were used originally or the time frame they were used—and once again they have new life.

As I worked on a recent project, I spoke with a homeowner as the photographer snapped pictures around her home. It is a beautiful rustic style home with hand hewn beams, wood planks, and reclaimed items from around the country. Each piece had a story—where it came from, what time period it was used or constructed, and more. I was fascinated by the stories and asked if she had always enjoyed decorating with that in mind or if it was relatively new. The bottom line was that she had always appreciated items with a story because she was adopted as a child. She connected with these items and their stories because she wasn’t completely sure of her own. So she treasures these items, and has given them a prominent place in her home.

Isn’t that lovely? I love these stories. Whether the items come from Abraham Lincoln’s era, or the wood from a stable in New York, they each have a common thread. There is a story that can be told as each one finds new life either in a new interior or as a new product.

This reminds me of the stories we each have. The stories we need to share with our children. In the busyness of life, we can become so focused on getting through the day that we may forget to share our stories. Stories of our childhood, stories of our families, and the story of our salvation journey. We know our stories are important, but many times forget. Our families need to hear about God’s goodness to us and how they are an important part of that goodness. The stories, good and bad, scars and stains, all blend to make us who we are and the people we dream our children will become.

By: Victoria Duerstock loves a good story. A happily married mom of three, she has been connected along with her husband Rob with the home furnishing industry in some aspect or another for more than 20 years. She is thrilled to share a new short devotional book Heart and Home: Design Basics for Your Soul and Your Living Space in April, 2019 with Abingdon Press. You can learn more about her at – and be sure to sign up for her newsletter for upcoming news, special discounts on courses and more.

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