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The Perfect Cure for Fear

The Perfect Cure for Fear

“Our neighbors offered to drive you home while we stay for choir,” my mom explained.

“Just me and Laura? No babysitter?” my eight-year-old-self whined.

“You’ll be fine,” Mom assured. “Your sister will take care of you.”

Her confidence did nothing to assuage my fear-prone psyche. Afraid to be home alone—or home alone with my sister—I cringed as Laura strode confidently through the front door. Without hesitation, she set about taking care of things while I started watching the clock.

My battle against fear didn’t end there. I required multiple night lights, nightly prayers, and as little time alone at home as possible as I grew. Even into my early twenties.

But it was then, as a young married woman, that I went forward for prayer after church. There at the altar, a woman said, “You have too much fear in your life.”

Stunned by her candid awareness, I crept back into the crowd, embarrassed. But she was right. And in time, I learned to address those fears with Scripture—which proved quite valuable when my husband died of a brain tumor a few short years later.

Home alone with my two small boys, Nathan and Sam, I determined to stand against fear in all of our lives. So we memorized verses. A lot of verses. And spoke them together out loud in the morning and before bed. In time, the fear of being alone no longer haunted my days or nights.

A young mom recently mentioned that her daughter battles bedtime fears. “I tell her to think about good things,” she explained, “but it doesn’t seem to work.”

“Have you tried Scriptures?” I gently asked. “Like this one from Psalm 91:11-12, ‘He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.’”

I didn’t get much of a reply and wondered if I just sounded preachy. But it concerned me that well-meaning, Christian moms don’t think to go to war with Scripture. When we encourage our children to just think happy thoughts to combat scary emotions, we miss the best opportunity to turn their hearts—and thoughts—to heaven.

Scripture is powerful. Sharper than a two-edged sword. Some days I live out that truth better than others. But at least I know to use it.

I wouldn’t be who I am—a disabled mom and wife with limited mobility, who no longer lives in fear—if I hadn’t learned and stated those Scriptures out loud for many years.

I believe in their power. I’ve been transformed by their power. And I know our children can be too.

By: Susan Schreer Davis lives with her husband, their cat named, Eggs, and the challenging effects of mitochondrial disease. A lifelong musician and song writer, you can learn more about Susan, her music, and her life at

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