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The PATCH Plan – Bible Memorization Made Easy

The PATCH Plan – Bible Memorization Made Easy

Scripture memorization is important and helps us learn more about God, but many parents worry about how to help their children engage with this task. Let’s face it, there are some big, scary, and hard to pronounce words embedded in those 66 books of the Bible, and memorization can feel like an impossible task. Some parents wonder: “How do I help my child memorize verses?”

Suggestion: Adopt the PATCH Plan! PATCH stands for: Pretend, Act, Talk, Color, and Hum. Let’s explore each of these words in greater detail. You or your child can follow PATCH at all times.

The first thing to do with a new Bible verse is to pretend that you’re the speaker or recipient of the verse. It’s like you’re the one saying it. You’re the one that the verse is about. This verse is personal! Maybe Jesus, Abraham, Peter, or John the Baptist is talking directly to you. When we know the verse applies to us, we are more inclined to remember what it says.

Next, consider acting out the verse. If the verse is about baptism, let your child pretend to baptize you. If the verse is about prayer, act out kneeling down beside the bed to pray. If the verse is about feeding the hungry, go hand out food at a homeless shelter. Act out what’s happening so that the verse gains legs.

Next talk through the words, including the very difficult, long, and hard to pronounce words. Once your child can verbally pronounce the actual words, put the verse into easier, everyday language so that you can jointly talk about the meaning. Talking about what the verse means needs to precede a random memorization of long and difficult biblical words.

Next, color, draw, or paint through the ideas found in the verse. By drawing and coloring a picture of what’s being said, a child is able to match a visual image with the big words, which adds another layer of support to the memorization task.

Finally, consider humming, singing, rapping, or adding music and rhythm to the verse to jazz it up. When we sing something, we often repeat lines or words, and the more times we hear specific words, the more we remember them. Your child can even add hand and leg motions. Action begets attention to words and concepts.

By applying the PATCH plan, you and your child can have great fun with the Word of God, and that brings joy to your spiritual journey. Now, go find a verse to memorize today!

By: Dr. Lori Brown is an educator and southern writer who makes her home in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

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