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The Mother with the Blue Umbrella

The Mother with the Blue Umbrella

Less than a mile from my home is a small, run-down housing area in which families struggle to make ends meet. One of the mothers regularly stands outside at 3:10 p.m. to greet her son’s school bus. I recently passed this mom on a very soggy day with heavy storms. I could hardly keep my eyes on the road for noticing the mom’s bright blue umbrella. The umbrella was small and did little to protect her from the pelting rain drops. It seemed that her shoes and shoulders were getting drenched, but she stood still. She was determined to greet her son as he stepped off of the bus.

I think often of this mom with the blue umbrella. Every day is likely a struggle to make ends meet and provide food and necessities for the family. But her willingness to stand in the rain, getting her own socks drenched so that she could love and protect her son when he stepped off the bus and into the thunder storms grips my heart. This mother sacrificed her own comfort, time, and wellness to focus on her beloved son.

When I think about this sacrificial mom, I can’t help but think of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus’ entire life was a sacrifice, as He sacrificed His rest, meals, and comfort to care for, heal, and feed hurting people who just needed to be loved.

Just like the son who sees his wet mom waiting to protect him from the storms, so too is Jesus standing over us with a bright blue umbrella, inviting us to come in from the storms of life. Jesus begs us to step out of the storms and heavy waves to rest in his dry and loving arms of peace.

Parenting is hard at times and moms and dads face unexpected storms and struggles. Those struggles often come with sacrifice. The difficulties are enough to make a parent ask, “Am I doing the right thing? Am I doing enough for my child? If I do this for my child, then who is going to take care of me?”

Sacrificial parenting is not for the weak of heart, as I’m sure the mom with the blue umbrella would attest. But on those days when the sacrifices seem to overwhelm, and the fatigue threatens to capsize our joy, let’s remember that our sacrificial parenting is nothing less than a representation of the life of Christ. We hold those blue umbrellas in the rain storms because our Savior holds the door open for rest and protection in the roughest of storms.

I know that parenting is tough but let’s stay strong with our parenting responsibilities and find joy in the fact we’re exhibiting a Jesus spirit when we make difficult, and sometimes painful sacrifices for the good of our children. When we mirror a Jesus life, the sacrifices will eventually turn into our family’s sweetest stories of His faithfulness.

By: Dr. Lori Brown is a southern writer and educator who enjoys inspiring families to live faithfully with the Lord.

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  1. Jesus really is the model for what kind of parent we should be. The beautiful mom you write about is such an inspiration.

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