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The Dandelion Story

The Dandelion Story

I grew up on a dairy farm, so my home was surrounded by lots of pastures. One day a friend from church came over so we could play together. As we walked down the road toward the barn, she saw a pretty group of dandelions under the fence. She wanted those dandelions. Being the helpful friend that I was, I quickly crawled under the fence, into the pasture, and grabbed the dandelions. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I also crawled through a patch of poison ivy. Long story short, I spent the next week very red and itchy.

I learned a very powerful lesson that afternoon. The thing that looked pretty and friendly was anything but that. I ended up in a mess of weeds with plants that were unhealthy for me. Have you ever had the same experience, but in real life? The thing you thought was good for you did more harm and destruction than you could have imagined. Sadly, real life often has dangers instead of dandelions, and it’s important that we remind our children of this fact

Our youth need to hear that the things that dazzle, sparkle, smell, and look pretty can sometimes be the very things that are meant to do us harm. But when our Father God gave us a spirit of peace through Jesus, then he gave us the wisdom to navigate difficult times without fear.

Our children shouldn’t fear life, nor should they assume that life is just out to deceive them. But, they should proceed with caution, and always depend on Jesus to help them navigate the rough patches and dangerous fields. We all want the pretty dandelions at the end of the day, but if too many dangers abound, then we have to step back and wait for God to guide us in another direction.

Remind your children often that God is always available to hold their hand and point them in the right direction.

By: Dr. Lori Brown is a southern writer and believer who enjoys inspiring families to find fullness in Christ.

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