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Thanksgiving Fruit Salad

Thanksgiving Fruit Salad

Thanksgiving is a celebration of thanking God for a good harvest and a good year. It’s the end of the season of harvesting apples, pumpkins, watermelon, and other fruits. The Bible talks about different types of fruits. Jesus taught that we are to be fruitful in good deeds. There are fruits of the Holy Spirit like peace, joy, and goodness.

Make a fruit salad as a reminder of the harvest. Add in cherries that have the pits removed to remember that God takes away the pain of hard times. Add in some dried fruits like raisins. Dried fruits are one of the ways pilgrims kept fruits over the winter. The fresh fruit is placed in the sun to dry. Then the fruit lasts a very long time. After all, all the apples that fall in the autumn cannot be eaten at once while they are fresh. For us, our memories of good times are like preserves that keep our spirits up during hard times. Enjoy the variety and abundance and thank God for making people unique and giving us the Fruit of the Spirit.

Read Galatians 5:22 to find out all the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Talk about how you can have these fruits.

Tree-mendous Quiz (or Poplar Trees of the Bible)

Evergreen trees are used for Christmas trees. In Hosea 8:14 God said. “I am like a luxuriant evergreen tree bearing my fruit in all seasons.” Check out your Bible tree knowledge with this quiz. Look up the Bible verses when in doubt.

  1. What kind of tree did Zaccheus climb? (Luke 19:4)

a. Balsam    b. Sycamore    c. Oak

  1. Isaiah prophesied that trees will express joy by: (Isaiah 55:12)                                                                       a.  Bearing fruit    b. Clapping hands   c. Barking
  1. God compared this animal’s tail to a cedar tree: (Job 40:15)                                                                            a. Leviathan     b. Behemoth    c. Shamu, the whale
  1. What virtue is called a tree of life? (Proverbs 3:18)                                                                                              a. Love    b. Wisdom    c. Understanding
  1. Type of wood used for Noah’s ark: (Genesis 8:14)                                                                                                a. Oak         b. Acacia     c. Gopher
  1. What Jacob put near mating sheep to cause spotted sheep: (Genesis 30:37)                                                 a. Bark of trees     b. Tree branches   c. Peeled tree branches
  1. What ruined all the trees in the fields of Egypt (Exodus 9:25)                                                                          a. Lightning     b. Hail    c. The grim reaper
  1. In what year after planting fruit trees could Israelites eat the fruit? (Lev 19:23-25)                                     a. 3rd     b. 5th    c. 7th
  1. How did Moses give the people sweet water? Exodus 15:25                                                                              a. Threw a tree into the water     b. Threw tree branches into the water     c. Added maple sap to the water
  1. What did the trees do in the Jotham’s parable: Judges 9:7-11                                                                          a. Talked     b. Fought    c. Withered
  1. Where did Jesus curse the fig tree: Matthew 21:18-22                                                                                        a. By the road    b. On the shady side of town   c. Outside the temple
  1. Jesus said with faith this type of tree will obey you and be transplanted: (Luke 17:6)                                a. Mustard    b. Sycamore    c. Mulberry

Number correct:

15-18          Tree-mendous knowledge

11-14          Well-rooted in tree knowledge

7-10            Some tree facts are planted in your mind

0-6              Try branching out a little more on Bible trivia

Answers: 1b 2b 3b 4b 5c 6c 7b  8b 9a 10a  11a 12c

By: Karen Whiting loves family fun and activities. Her book Christmas is Coming, Waiting is Hard helps children enjoy the ADVENTure of waiting for Christmas with daily activities and readings for the season.

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