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Thank God I Didn’t Miss This

Thank God I Didn’t Miss This

I wrote this for myself last night. Maybe someone else needs to hear it, too. We will have a house full of company tomorrow, and so my to-do list is about a mile long. It’s ten o’clock at night already and I’m kicking myself for not finishing my tasks earlier, but they didn’t get done earlier because … well, because I have children. There were tears and conflicts and messes and spills … and it just didn’t get done. So here I am, broom in hand, whipping this place into shape.

And then I hear it. “Mama?”

So much meaning in that little voice. In that little word. I need you. Only you. Do you have time for me? It came from one who is, arguably, my easiest, most low-maintenance child, and he was up, out of bed, staring at me with those big, brown eyes. And he wanted me to come and lay down with him—just oooooooooooone minute.

“I can’t,” I said. “I have too much work. I’m sorry.” Still, the eyes.

I wanted to fuss. I wanted to shoo him back to bed and get on with my list. I even wanted to scold and correct. Then that still, small voice tugged on my mama heart, He needs you. Tend to this little lamb. The days are not far off when he will never ask again.

So I took a deep breath. I put my hand on his little shoulder and took him to his room. I climbed up into his top bunk bed with him and laid down beside him. I fixed his blanket and kissed his forehead.

He was asleep within a minute or two, but I stayed. How sweet is the tickle of his breath on my neck, how peaceful his steady sleep-breathing. How tenderly he snuggles up against me, his slim figure so warm and soft. Thank God I didn’t miss this.

How fleeting this stage is. And maybe one day, when he’s older, he’ll remember that Mama has time for him and that he matters to me.

Stay, Mama. Stay your mind on what matters. Stay your heart on the Giver. Stay for that extra moment, that extra hug, that extra prayer. Stay.

By: Amber Vincent lives abroad with her husband and four children in an Asian metropolis. Their children are aged 7, 5, 3, and 2, and Amber finds motherhood to be an exceptional but exhausting fodder for her sanctification. She runs on coffee and Jesus.

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