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Take the Chill Off with Warm Family Fun

Take the Chill Off with Warm Family Fun

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9 ESV

The calendar ushered October in with slightly cooler temperatures, and hints of autumn surround us. Celebrate a new season with warm, family activities all month long. Take in a high school football game, collect fallen leaves on a family walk, visit a church’s fall festival, and take frequent drives in the country to watch the changes in local farmers’ fields in October. Be intentional with family fun this month and try out some of the wacky, but actual, holidays below.

Chili Month – Celebrate this holiday with a chili buffet bar one cool evening. Work in the kitchen as a family to prepare a favorite chili recipe. While the chili is simmering, prepare and place the chili toppings in small serving bowls. Shred two or three flavors of cheese (like cheddar, parmesan, and asiago), dice a medium onion, slice olives, chop tomatoes, shred lettuce, break buttered crackers into smaller pieces, slice avocado, chop a cooked chicken breast into smaller pieces, and stir powdered ranch dressing mix into sour cream. When the chili has simmered to perfection, have each family member choose toppings from the selection and add to a warm bowl of chili for a delicious autumn evening meal.

Children’s Magazine Month – Pull out a children’s magazine and read together from front to back. Talk about some of these terms and locate those parts of the magazine: headline – the title of the article, often abbreviated hed; dek – the second part of the title, written in smaller font below the title; pull quote – an important quote or sentence taken from the body of the article and set aside in larger or different font to catch the readers’ attention; lede – the opening sentences or first paragraph of the article; body – the paragraphs in the article; byline – author’s name; tagline – author’s information at the end of the article; sidebar – a related and brief addition to the article, like the definition of a big word or a Bible verse to go with the article; captions – the words written under a photograph to describe the picture.

National Forest Products Week – Create a fun fall craft with a few forest products. Use a large wooden craft stick for the tree trunk. Glue it in place on a piece of construction paper. Tear fall-colored pieces of tissue paper into small bits and glue in place around the stick to make an autumn tree.

Squirrel Awareness Month – Take a family walk and look for these scampering bushy-tailed rodents running across the grass, scrambling to the top of a tree, or searching for acorns or other goodies. Count how many you see during the walk.   

Fire Prevention Month – Talk about or revise a family fire escape, in the event of a home fire. Determine a meet-up location outside and plot out safe and speedy exits in case of an emergency. Then bake some goodies together to deliver to a local fire station to thank the first responders for their services.

Enjoy everything about the beginning of fall, especially the beautiful shades of crimson, pumpkin, copper, gold, russet, amber, and more. Make it an awesome autumn with the ones you love!

By: Julie Lavender. Of all the hats Julie’s worn over the years – Navy wife, public schoolteacher, homeschooling mommy to four, church volunteer, writer, book and magazine author, journalist, conference instructor, and crochet gal – her most favorite hat of the past will always be homeschooling mommy. Overtaking rapidly, though, is the Gramma Julie hat of the last four months. Connect with Julie on Facebook, Twitter at @JLavenderwrites, Instagram at JulieLavenderwrites, and follow her nature blog, On My Walk With God, at

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  1. What an exciting collection of ideas to inspire family fun! Julie, your creativity and love of family are blessings to readers.

  2. Julie, I love this collection of creative ideas for fall! Your love for the Lord and family shine through your writing.

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