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Study in Style

Study in Style


God made you special, including the way you learn best. Read Psalm 139 about how he created you in your mother’s womb. Part of you being special is the way you learn. You are wired to learn best in one of six ways, called learning styles. You can even consider these learning styles as you choose a Bible.  Check them out to find your style and try the ideas that will help you learn best.

Auditory (learns by hearing or while listening to music)

  • Read aloud.
  • Listen to a classmate talk about the lesson.
  • Listen to music that matches mood of the passage.

Visual (learns by sight and reading or studying charts)

  • Read and then doodle as you reflect or draw the lesson.
  • Close your eyes and picture the passage.
  • Use maps and charts to check out locations and charts to visualize facts.

Tactile (learns by hands-on activities/touch, including writing notes)

  • Write out your thoughts.
  • If possible, touch objects similar to ones described in the passage.
  • Draw the scenes described.

Energetic/ kinesthetic (learns with movement and interaction)

  • Act out the passage.
  • Study while walking with a friend.
  • Read then exercise while reflecting on the words.

Deep Thinker or Analytical (learns by analyzing and thinking through things)

  • Ask questions then search for the answers.
  • Go through the 5-W’s on what you read – who, what, when, where, and why.
  • Ask yourself how to use the information.
  • Connect facts with your own life.

Social (learns through language, global awareness, and interacting with others)

  • Check out how people in history or a story related to one another.
  • Study with a friend.
  • Talk about your lesson at dinner.

Grandparents of the Bible

Grandparents Day is celebrated in September. You can always celebrate your grandparents and enjoy them. Take time this month to ask them about their childhood and grandparents.

Below is a list of grandchildren. Unscramble the names to find the grandparent’s and parent’s names. You can check the Bible verses for clues to the parents and grandparents.

Grandchild                  Grandparent                  Clue                                         Parent
1. Timothy                   OSIL                      (2 Timothy 1:5)                                     ENICEU
2. Enosh                      DMAA                   (Genesis 5:3,6)                                       THES
3. Jesse                        ZABO                   (Ruth 4:21-22)                                       SEESJ
4. Jacob                       BRAAHMA        (Genesis 21:5, 25:26)                             SACIA
5. Ephraim                   OCBAJ             (Genesis 48:11-13)                                  POSEJH
6. Rehoboam               VIDDA      (2 Samuel 12:24 and 1 Kings 11:43)           MOONOLS
7. Obed                       OMANI               (Ruth 4:14-17)                                          UTRH

Answer Key

  1. Lois, Eunice
  2. Adam, Seth
  3. Boaz, Jesse
  4. Abraham, Isaac
  5. Jacob, Joseph
  6. David, Solomon
  7. Naomi, Ruth

By: Karen Whiting is a grandmother of twelve. Her newest book is 52 Weekly Devotions for Families Called to Serve where you can choose how to do faith your way with hands-on fun, engaging stories, and chat prompts.

Join us at for our parenting blog each Monday-Friday and for info about the Just 18 Summers novel.

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