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Sprinkling Sunshine this Summer

Sprinkling Sunshine this Summer

It is hard to believe that summer is right around the corner. School is finished for the year, and here we are with a gaggle of children to occupy.

I love summer because it usually consists of lazy days playing outside, extra snuggle time in the mornings, and an overall more relaxed scheduled. However, by about week three I’m beginning to feel the pressure of finding new and exciting activities to keep the chaos at bay.

This year, I’ve decided I not only want to keep my children occupied and out of trouble with creative and fun projects, but I want to sprinkle a little sunshine in our community as well. I want to engage my children in acts that will leave a lasting impression on our neighborhood, restore faith in humanity, and remind others there is always sunshine if you just look.

If we all spent some time this summer sprinkling sunshine, I believe the ripple effect would last far longer than the high temperatures. Below are three ideas that you can also incorporate into your lazy summer days. Three activities from super simple to more complex that will occupy your children’s minds and days, but more importantly that will fill your children’s hearts.

Sprinkle a little sunshine this summer with these activities:

  • Paint rocks. Rock painting seems to be a huge activity in our area and people (my family included) are giddy with excitement when they spot a painted rock. If this isn’t already happening in your community, be the catalyst for this awesome joy-spreading trend. You can buy rocks in a gardening center or find them in nature, clean them up and then allow your children to paint on them. They can paint simple decorations or a picture—use your imagination. Once painted, take them into the community and hide them for others to find. Some areas have Facebook groups dedicated to the finding and hiding of rocks and it’s amazing to see some of the creations.
  • Start a little lending library. Although this is a more complex activity, it will be long lasting. Find a suitable location for a small box that can safely hold books, keeping them clear of the elements. Decorate and label the space so people are aware of the purpose and then stock it with a variety of books. Not only will your act of creation bring joy, but books themselves offer an escape that can sprinkle sunshine over and over.
  • Chalk up the neighborhood. Take your children on a walk armed with sidewalk chalk. Stop every few feet and have them draw a picture or leave a positive message. Anything from a smiley face to “You are loved!” will be well received. This activity can be as big or small as you desire. You can do it once a week or every day. You can stay in your neighborhood or take field trips to surrounding areas.

The sunshine of summer 2018 does not need to end when the temperatures drop. You and your children can sprinkle sunshine through the community that will last long into the fall and fill hearts for even longer.

By: Angela Jamison is a mother of four who is always looking for ideas to keep her children out of trouble. Her children bring her so much joy daily and she thrives on spreading joy to others. When she is not with her family, she is directing a Christian preschool—spending her days instilling God’s love in the littlest of her community. To learn more about Angela, check out her blog at or follow her on Facebook (@barrenbutblessed), Twitter (@AngJamison04), or Instagram (@angjam731).

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