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June is National Smile Month.  June 15th is Smile Power Day. When you flash your pearly white teeth at people it can brighten their day. A smile shows kindness, offers hope, and can ease a person’s anger, fear, or sadness. Check out verses on asking God to smile on you: Psalm 4:6, Psalm 31:16, and Psalm 119:135.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to smile, pause and think of the blessings in your life for home, family, country, God, and friends. Think of the beauty outdoors and take a walk to listen to birds sing, see squirrels dart about, and watch the leaves dance when the wind blows.

Think of ways to add joy and laughter to go with a smile.

  • Tell a knock-knock joke
  • Give someone a compliment
  • Add a hug or fun handshake to the smile
  • Share reasons you are thankful for that person
  • Share a snack
  • Ask a friend to play with you and let the friend have the first turn in games
  • Make mom smile by doing extra chores
  • Play with your brother or sister.
  • Pass on clothes and toys you don’t need to the poor (God will see them smile).
  • Praise God, so He will smile!
  • Send a letter or card to someone.
  • Call someone. (Can you hear the smile on the phone?)
  • Help a neighbor who is a senior citizen or has small children
  • Have your photo taken with someone and smile for the camera
  • Thank someone for smiling back, being kind, or for a past kindness
  • Praise someone for his or her hard work

What’s a Dad? Acrostic

Dad’s are wonderful people. Check out qualities of some Dads that help spell Father. Then tell your Dad what you love about him.

  1. Believes in God
  2. Not afraid.
  3. He has muscles and can lift you up.
  4. He is good looking.
  5. He has lots of this feeling for you
  6. He knows a lot.




Answer key: 1. Faithful 2. Brave 3. Strong 4. Handsome 5. Love 6. Smart

By: Karen Whiting ( is the author of twenty-five books, hundreds of articles and an international speaker. Her books 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families, The One Year Devotions for Active Boys, and The One Year My Princess Devotions are among many books she wrote to help families and children grow in faith.

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