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Singing Praises

Singing Praises

Our children and especially grandchildren do not have the opportunity to learn the old hymns. We love the choruses we sing in church and those choruses are teaching great truths. But the hymns are beautiful and timeless.

So at our weekly Sunday lunch before we say thank you to God for our food, we sing a hymn as an extension of our thanking God. We sing the same hymn for about a month or so and then change for the next month.

This month’s hymn is “Amazing Grace.” Ages two to almost 70 join hands and sing together, followed by the blessing.

Last week, we finished our blessing and everyone picked up their forks. Before anyone had taken a bite, two-year-old Baylor stretched out her hands and said “Amazing Grace.”

“Do you want to sing again, Baylor?”

“Yes,” she said nodding her head.

So, once again all thirteen of us joined hands and began singing.

Teaching our children to express their thanks is important. And what better way to start than with a hymn of praise to God.

We are in a season of thanksgiving. Our country sports pumpkins, turkeys, and pilgrims. But beyond all that we should say special thanks to God for His provision to us.

Why not start a new tradition of praise this month? It could be at the blessing time at a meal or at the end of a meal as the signal for the family to disperse. Maybe bedtime would be a better time of family praise. We actually sing then, too!

Think about it:

1)      Do your children love music? Take advantage of that and sing with them often. Let them choose the songs. Then you take a turn choosing and teach them a new song. Songs based on Scripture help them to remember God’s Word.

2)      Teaching our children to praise God is a precious gift to them. Maintain an attitude of praise throughout each day.

3)      This month you hear a lot of talk about thanksgiving. Express your thankfulness to those you love.

By: Linda Gilden and her husband live in SC. She is a mother of three children and their spouses and grandmother of five. She loves to sing with her children and grandchildren, especially praise songs.

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