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She’s a Mother

She’s a Mother

She’s been up throughout the night feeding a hungry infant, comforting a sick child, changing the bedding of a toddler who had an accident, or she awakened with worry over personal circumstances or global events –  Please grant her special strength to carry out her tasks in each new day. As she waits upon You, may she rise up as on wings of eagles. May she run and not grow weary, may she walk and not faint (Is. 40:31).

When personal grooming takes a back seat to changing diapers, feeding babies and cleaning them up, preparing breakfasts and loading lunch boxes for older children, dressing kids while they’re running, arguing, and giving her an injury to bandage when they’re late getting outN 2 the door for school or work – Father, give her a peaceful heart and cause her to know that she’s a breathless wonder, saturated with selfless, sacrificial love.

When she bundles up babies and heads for the car, strapping them in safely while shivering in the cold winds, rain, or snow, Father, shield her, hold her, bless her.

When she has a headache or is ill, and the pace of life prevents her from slowing down—a tsunami of laundry daily striking the washroom, leaving a mountain of debris settling on her bed where she’s left to sort through tiny everythings – Father, put a special song of celebration into her heart. May she find great joy and meaning in the seemingly insignificant tasks, recognizing that she enjoys the greatest challenge and reward of any profession—shaping the destiny of the world. She’s a mother.

N 1When her shopping cart is full of children and the stack of macaroni and cheese comes crashing down and people point or treat her condescendingly. When she begins to question her value or ability, Father, may she remember that she’s Your daughter, chosen by You to bring life and light to the world.

When she cooks a meal for a friend who is sick or who just had a baby, between cooking for her own family, cleaning, shopping, schoolwork, homework, church, ballet, soccer, and karate, Father, please dance with her heart, delighting her in Your Love.

May her children recognize her energies and efforts and greatly respect her, rising up before the watching worldN 4 to call her abundantly “blessed” and a treasured blessing.

May mothers throughout the world be encouraged by the Words of Jesus,

Whatever you did for one of the least of these…

you did for me.

Matthew 25:40 NKJV


Place a photo of your favorite mom with small children in a special place as a reminder to pray for her health, energy, schedule, and especially her time with God.

And we can use these photos as a prompt to pray for all mothers with small children.

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