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Sharing Your Story with Children

Sharing Your Story with Children

I wish I had tracked the number of books I’ve read to children and the number of stories I’ve told. Children love story time, and in my house we read or tell stories everywhere—on the trampoline, before bed, in the bathtub, at the kitchen table, and even in the car.

Story time brings families together by immersing them in a journey of the imagination or taking them back to a memory of the past. Stories share hope, heartache, joy, triumph and defeat. We can relate to them in ways that sometimes isn’t possible in other facets of life.

The stories we read, and the ones we tell, can help shape our children’s future. With the power of that realization, we should think about how we have (or will) share our salvation stories with the smallest members of our home.

Our salvation stories are powerful tools to help our children understand the mighty grace and love of Christ—and that may someday be the introduction to their own stories.

The single most important reason we should share about our salvation experience with our children is because it changed us. When we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, our lives irrevocably changed for the better. Don’t you want the same for your children?

So, how can you do it? How can you incorporate your salvation story into the mundane moments of your day?

Share it honestly. Sure, there may be aspects that your children aren’t ready to hear because of their age or maturity level, but don’t sugar-coat it. Share what is appropriate at the time, and as they grow, add more details. Help them learn about the power of change that’s possible through Jesus Christ.

You’re obviously not going to sit down and have a long conversation daily detailing every aspect of your salvation experience, but you can find moments to share about your faith. Something as simple as praising God during a trial is a testament to your salvation story. Don’t allow a day to go by that your children don’t see how Christ impacts your life.

Share your story publicly. It’s equally powerful for your children to hear you sharing it with others. Allow your children to see the power of your testimony through the reactions of others as they hear it. It’s your responsibility as a parent to make God real to your children and there is no better way than through your first-hand experience.

Share your salvation story with your children earnestly, allowing them to see and feel how God has changed you through your obedience. Through open sharing, you will instill in your children the desire to create and share their own story one day.

By: Angela Jamison is a mother of four school-age children. She has recently reopened her home for foster care and feels the importance of sharing her story to her own children and the children in her home. It is her desire to allow as many children as possible to know Christ through her testimony. You can learn more about Angela by visiting her website at or following her on Twitter (@AngJamison04), Instagram (@AngJam731) or on Facebook (@barrenbutblessed).

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  1. We’ve tried to be intentional about sharing our God stories with our children, adding details as they age. Not just once, but over and over, so they know our stories, too. (I know I never tire of hearing my husband’s story.) This is the foundation of our spiritual legacy. Thanks for the encouragement!

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