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See for Yourself that Summer is Here!

See for Yourself that Summer is Here!

When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near. Luke 21:30 NIV

Summer is a bit closer than near, with temperatures and other indicators announcing summer’s arrival subtly or abruptly, according to your location on the map. What’s your favorite family memory of the summer thus far? Hopefully, you’ve found unique ways to make family memories during the early days of summer and repeated some family favorite ones from previous summers, also. Create lots of outdoor memories this month to celebrate the season. Go for early morning walks before it gets toasty; drink lemonade while sitting on the front porch, and play in the sprinkler or even a mud puddle or two in the front yard. Add some of the zany holidays below to make family memories that you’ll treasure long into the next season on the calendar.

Paperback Book Day – Do you have a favorite book series from childhood? Have you read that series aloud to your kids? Read fun chapter books like the Nancy Drew series or the Hardy Boys series together as a family. Or, start with A and go through the alphabet with the A to Z Mysteries. Read the Boxcar Children series and each of the Pony Pals books. Try out another equestrian series and read the Saddle Club paperbacks, too. Look for Janette Oke’s Animal Friends series and the Three Cousins Detective Club books, too. Check out some newer ones, too, like the Mo and Dale Mysteries, and Coop Knows the Scoop. Keep a running list of the number of paperback books you read together as a family and marvel at the number of books you get through before school starts back.

National Talk in an Elevator Day – Plan to strike up a conversation with someone new in an elevator the next time you jet up to another floor, but until then, learn about a few famous elevators while you wait for that opportunity. Celebrate this bizarre holiday by taking a virtual tour of famous skyscrapers with elevators galore. Take a gander at some New York skyscrapers here,, and read about some of the breathtaking projects around the world here,

Moon Day – Some summer days can reach stifling temperatures, so getting outside under the cover of darkness is a great way to avoid the heat. Pick a time after dark and walk outside (with flashlights, if necessary) and observe the moon. Do this regularly throughout the month, and keep a moon journal with the sights you observe. Is the moon in the same place in the sky each night? How does the shape change? Learn about the phases of the moon so that you’ll know what you’re looking at when you gaze into the nighttime sky.

National Lipstick Day – Post sweet notes to family members using lipstick as a writing utensil. Write a note for the intended receiver on the bathroom mirror, then leave tubes of lipstick on the counter for the recipient to return the gesture. (Remove lipstick writings by dampening a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wiping away the lipstick words.)

Rain Day – Make a fun craft and use the final product to remind you to pray for rain on the farmers’ fields during the hot days of summer. On a sheet of light-blue construction paper, glue cotton balls to make a puffy cloud. Then create raindrops by dipping the index finger in dark blue paint and making fingerprints all over the page.

Make plans to celebrate the second half of 2021 with even more gusto than the first half. Be intentional with fun and adventure to make treasured family memories. Make every day a holiday with the ones you love!

By: Julie Lavender loves to celebrate summer fun with her family and make memories with her hubby, four adult children, one son-in-love, and one extra-special grandson. Julie compiled a list of favorite memory-making activities in her newest book, 365 Ways to Love Your Child: Turning Little Moments into Lasting Memories. She’d love to connect with you on social media and at

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