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Scrubbing the Hallways of Heaven

Scrubbing the Hallways of Heaven

Cleaning house was listed alongside root canal when it came to those things I dreaded, until one day while cleaning a toilet, I pleaded with God to give me joy. What happened next changed my family and me.

• While making beds, I began to pray for my family and families all over the world, “Father, please cover us in the shelter of Your Presence.”

• When tying back the curtains, “Father, please bind us to Your sovereign Will, no matter what the cost.” This prayer helped us trust God completely, no matter what our circumstances.

• When using a sponge to wash dishes, “Father, please saturate our hearts with passion for You, Your Word, Your Will, Your Wisdom, Your world, and holiness.

• Dusting, “Father, may our spiritual descendants – those whom we pray for, mentor, or minister to – be as the dust of the earth so that they cannot be numbered” (Gen. 13:16).

• Sweeping floors and porches, “It staggers my imagination, God, that Your thoughts toward our family are more numerous than the sand on all beaches, deserts, oceans, mountains, the universe, and my kitchen floor”(Ps. 139:17, 18). What a delightful meditation!

• Folding laundry, “Thank You for Your provision!” The tiny feet that fill such tiny socks, “Father, may our children trust in You with all their hearts, leaning not on their own understanding. In all their ways may they honor and acknowledge You. May Your Footsteps be their pathway” (Prov. 3:5-6). “May our children be clothed with dignity and strength, laughing without fear of the future” (Prov. 31:25).

• Because vacuuming was the chore I disliked most, as I pushed and pulled the machine across the floor, I began praying for families in crisis. I quickly came to enjoy that time, feeling I’d accomplished something far more important than cleaning my carpets. I now vacuum almost daily.

• Taking out trash, “Help me to distinguish trash from treasure, those things in this world that are worthless compared to the treasure of knowing God, loving my family, and loving the world.

Cleaning is now among my favorite activities – a time of thanksgiving for the multitude of blessings God has shared with us. And we have only eighteen summers. Such a prayer strategy can drench every moment with God’s Presence. It can pave the way for our sons and daughters, laying a foundation of power for their sons and daughters.

I’d love to hear your prayer inspirations!

By Connie Norris

Connie’s passion is to mobilize women to pray. Please visit her at her website, My Home, a House of Prayer for All Nations www.myhomeahouseofprayerforallnations.comor connect with her on Facebook at

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE this! Thank you!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read this!

      I’d love to hear the prayer inspirations you use or develop as you clean, cook, or walk through the activities of each day.

      Blessings to you!

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