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School Spirit Celebration Cookies

School Spirit Celebration Cookies

It’s that time again! Many of our children have started back to school. The temperatures don’t know that summer is over, but the beginning of school tells us it is, and there are many back to school activities to get us back in the swing of things and share information with those new to the school.

One of the big things in our area (and I am sure in your area) is the school colors and supporting the local athletic activity in school. Of course this time of year, it’s the football team. Our local team is the Jaguars and we have a “Meet the Jaguars” night at the beginning of the school year. We go to the football field and they introduce all the different athletic programs and the players, the cheerleaders, the band and so on.

All grades are invited and asked to wear the school colors and be a part of this program.  During the school year they wear the school colors on different days to show their spirit and support for different activities.

I have a recipe that is fun to make and to represent your school. It’s a simple sugar cookie decorated with your school colors. These cookies can be taken to different school activities, be a special snack when your children get home from school, or for a special treat in the lunchbox.

The color decorations on these cookies can also be changed to celebrate holidays or an occasion that is special to your family. So gather the family and decorate a batch of these cookies to celebrate your school, holidays, birthdays, or any occasion that is special to you. They are simple, but such fun. And don’t forget to always celebrate the family table!


School Spirit Celebration Cookies

Your favorite sugar cookie recipe or store bought sugar cookie dough

Color-coated milk chocolate candy or colored sugar sprinkles

Place the cookie dough on a cookie sheet and decorate with candy or sugar sprinkles.  Bake according to the directions of your homemade cookie or for the store-bought cookie dough.

Remove the cookies from the pan and cool completely. Now how simple is this! Pour a big glass of milk and enjoy.

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