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Donnalynn Davis

Donnalynn Davis

Smarts-n-Crafts with Donnalynn 

Donnalynn Davis is the co-owner with her husband, Carl, of 246 The Main Cultural Arts Theatre, and Executive Director of The Main Act, a non-profit drama company. Donnalynn and Carl have been foster parents for many years and have six children—one of which they’ve adopted—and twelve grandchildren.

 Donnalynn has been in create mode for over fifty years, drawing, painting, designing and creating costumes for stage, dance and other venues, and writing stories and plays. Some of her favorite memories have been made creating craft projects with and for her family and friends. She attends Childrey Baptist Church where she teaches the adult ladies, children’s church, and is editor of the church newsletter. She and Carl raise Scottish Highlands on their farm in Virginia.

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