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Risk Taker

Risk Taker

Today’s Giggle and Grace story comes from a sweet lady at my church named Ann. Ann is a grandmother. Before coming to church one Wednesday night, Ann took her two grandsons, Tyler and Andrew, to eat at McDonald’s.

Ann and the boys got their food and sat down to eat, when Andrew noticed a little girl standing with her family waiting to get their order. Andrew grinned at her from ear to ear, and she returned the smile. When the family got their food, they chose a seat across the restaurant. Ann noticed that Andrew continued making eye contact and smiling at the little girl.

Finally, she asked him, “Do you know that little girl?”

Andrew nodded his head with a grin. “Yep. She’s in my class! Her name is Abby.”

About that time, Andrew looked across the restaurant and made eye contact again. This time when he caught Abby’s eyes, he shouted across McDonald’s, “We’re going to Wednesday night church!”

Everyone in the restaurant heard him, and Ann noticed a gentleman sitting near them chuckling at Andrew’s enthusiasm. When you aren’t afraid to share Jesus with one friend, you never know who else might be listening. When the grandma got to church, deposited her boys at AWANA, and sat down in Bible study, the topic was risk taking.

She couldn’t help but remember Andrew shouting across McDonald’s, and she shared, “I wonder why we don’t do the same as adults. I should be taking more risks to share my faith with my friends I meet and those I see. I should be sharing with the same enthusiasm as Andrew. ‘I’m going to Wednesday night church!’” Andrew was excited about spending time in the house of the Lord with his friends and wanted everyone to know it.

Who has God put in your path that needs to hear how excited you are about what the Lord is doing in your life? Take a cue from Andrew and don’t be afraid to take a risk. And then take time and make the effort to instill that same boldness in your children.

Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child—this one is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18:4 HCSB

By: Carol Hatcher is a former elementary teacher turned writer. This author and speaker lives with her husband and three children in Georgia. Come visit her at

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