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Ready for the Snowstorm

Ready for the Snowstorm


Okay, moms and dads. It seems Snowmageddon is on the way this weekend where I live, so I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned from other big snowstorms in case this is new for some of y’all (or in case you’re forgetful like I am). Many of these tips would also work for other emergency situations like hurricanes, etc.


  1. Fill your vehicle with gas. If the power goes out, the pumps won’t be working.
  2. Move your grill where it’s near the door (but not inside the house or basement) before the storm arrives in case you need to cook on it. Check to make sure you have plenty of propane.
  3. Sharpen your chain saw blade and make sure you have oil and gas for it. We’ve often had to cut up trees that fell due to heavy snow.
  4. Locate candles, candle holders, lanterns, etc. in case the power goes out. Make sure you have matches or a lighter.
  5. Make sure you have cartridges for your camp stove if you plan to cook on that in case of a power outage.
  6. Book lights are great to have on hand for those dark (long!) nights when the power is out.
  7. Gather puzzles, games, and books to keep the kids (and the big kids) occupied in case of a power outage.
  8. A battery-operated radio will help you keep track of the news in case of a power outage. Make sure you have plenty of batteries.
  9. Buy several bags of ice. If the power goes out, you can keep your perishables in a cooler for a short time rather than opening the refrigerator. If the temperature is low enough, you can cool beverages and some things out in the snow.
  10. Plan your meals ahead of time and do food prep like patting out burgers so you won’t have the mess if you lose power and water. Make pitchers of tea and lemonade so they’re ready. And I always make a big pot of Russian tea and have hot chocolate fixings on hand.
  11. Check your medicines ahead of the storm to make sure you have enough to last until you can get out again.
  12. Wash your dishes and do your laundry ahead of the storm. Again, if the power goes out and you lose water, you’ll be happy you did.
  13. Take a shower right before the storm arrives. You’ll be glad you did if you end up not having power and water.
  14. Make sure you have plenty of water for drinking, flushing toilets, and washing hands. You can fill the washer and bathtubs (don’t do bathtubs if you have small children and it’s a safety issue) for extra water. Clean old milk jugs filled with water for flushing toilets and washing hands are convenient and easy to carry.
  15. Bring wood in ahead of the storm or place it near the door and cover it to keep it dry. That fire in the fireplace will be extra cheery, but won’t work too well if the wood is wet. Plan an alternate source of heat if you don’t have a fireplace and the power goes out.
  16. Charge your laptop, iPads, phones, and extra battery packs before the storm arrives.
  17. Forget buying the bread and milk. Buy books, cupcakes, and chocolate! (Okay, maybe you might need the bread and milk.) Think of food items that can be easily heated on a grill or camp stove. And don’t forget paper plates, cups, and silverware. They’ll be invaluable if you lose power and water.
  18. Buy plenty of snacks and ingredients for making cookies if the power stays on. Same with supplies for hot chocolate, coffee, and hot tea. Somehow the munchies always arrive with the snow.
  19. Have a manual can opener on hand. Your electric one won’t work during a power outage.
  20. Check on elderly friends or neighbors ahead of the storm to make sure they are prepared–especially with an alternate heat source if the power goes out. And then check on them after the snow arrives.
  21. Pack the car with snacks, water, and plenty of blankets if you must go out. Kitty litter will also provide a little traction if you get stuck.
  22. Make sure everyone has gloves, boots, and warm coats for playing in the snow. Enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and take plenty of pictures!

Now add your own ideas and suggestions and let’s help each other get ready.

By: Michelle Cox is the creator of the Just 18 Summers brand and the host for the website/blog. She’s the author of When God Calls the Heart at Christmas which is based on Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart television show. For more information, visit

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