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Pumpkin Patch Perspectives

Pumpkin Patch Perspectives

Yes, the Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase. Psalm 85:12 ESV.

God is good, all the time, but the crispness in the air that signifies autumn brings to mind a season of gratefulness. Fresh-turned farmers’ fields and orange pumpkins and bright red, ripened apples tickle the senses and remind us to be thankful for the yield God provides. Help your family get in a pumpkin patch perspective kind of mood by celebrating God’s goodness and the beauty of a new season. Use some of the silly but actual holidays below to create a festive mood in your household and thank God daily for God’s harvest and provisions.

Apple Month – Create this fun apple craft with some paint and a few supplies. Carefully paint your child’s hand, palm side and arm, about four inches above the wrist, with brown washable paint. Then help your child press the arm- and handprint (fingers splayed) onto a sheet of white construction paper such that the print resembles a tree trunk and branches. When the brown paint is dry, let you child dip an apple, cut in half, into green paint. Make prints with the apple surrounding the finger-branches to the leaves of the tree. Allow the green paint to dry completely. Then, have your child dip the index finger in red paint and make prints in the green area, to resemble apples hanging in the tree. To culminate the Apple Month celebration, be sure to visit an apple orchard, if you have one nearby.

Spinach Lovers Month – Work together in the kitchen to make this Hot Cheesy Spinach Dip recipe. Thaw a ten ounce package of frozen, chopped spinach. Squeeze out the excess water after the spinach is completely thawed. Spray a baking dish with cooking spray and set aside. In a large bowl, combine these ingredients: prepared spinach, eight ounces of softened cream cheese, one cup of sour cream, one teaspoon minced garlic, one-half teaspoon of seasoning salt, one-fourth teaspoon pepper, one-half cup grated parmesan cheese, and three-fourths cup of mozzarella cheese. Stir all of the ingredients until blended completely. Spread the mixture into the prepared dish. Top with three-fourths cup of mozzarella cheese. Bake for twenty-five minutes at 375 degrees. Cool slightly, then serve with crackers or raw vegetables.

National Hair Day – Brush up on a variety of hairstyles by reading some of these fun picture books about hair: Hair Love by Matthew Cherry; Hair Like Mine by LaTishia M. Perry; Claire Blair’s Unruly Hair by Tara Cavosie; When God Made You by Matthew Paul Turner; The Hair Book by Graham Tether, or Erandi’s Braids by Antonio Hernandez Madrigal.

World Farm Animals Day – Take a family field trip to a nearby farm or go for a drive in the country and be on the lookout for farm animals. (And, if you happen to be a farming family, please know you are much-appreciated!) How many farm animals can you name, complete with correct terminology for each one? Do you know what a male donkey is called? A female donkey? What about a young donkey? And do you know what a group of donkeys is called? Can you do the same for cows, pigs, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens, and turkeys?

World Homeless Day – Contact a homeless shelter in your area and find out how you can meet some of their needs. Shelters often need new underwear and socks for residents and new items of clothing. (Often times, previously-worn clothing can’t be used in shelters, and most of the time, shelters don’t have extra space to store unneeded articles of clothing.) Consider taking a family shopping trip to buy the needs requested by the shelter, and make sure to buy nothing for your own family – just concentrate on shopping for others. Some shelters accept homemade desserts and treats and even entrée meal items. Gum and mints and chocolate often make great donations. Find out if you can donate outdoor plants or gardening supplies to the shelter. Some shelter residencies need lawn care volunteers. Paper products like paper towels and toilet paper often make great shelter donations. Be intentional to take care of the needs of a shelter near you and involve the whole family in the process. And remember to pray daily for those in your area who need assistance

Welcome all the colors of autumn and get in a pumpkin patch perspective to enjoy the beauty of the season. Look for every shade of orange and gold and crimson and be sure to appreciate God’s goodness with each glimpse of fall.

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