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Project Humility

Project Humility

I recently told the story of the Last Supper to my children and we had a long discussion about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet. I asked them if they would wash their friends’ feet and they were reluctant. I didn’t blame them. However, it was a powerful message about humility—sometimes we do things we don’t particularly want to do in an effort to put others first.

Humility is something we all desire to teach our children yet it is something that is often difficult for young minds to comprehend. Even as an adult I sometimes struggle with being humble with a joyful heart.

We spend our days putting our children first, but those efforts don’t always relay the true beauty of humility. We easily get wrapped up in daily life, frustrations surface, and we have a bad attitude or are tired. All of these affect our humble hearts.

As adults, we need to practice conscious humility so as to model it to our children. We need to demonstrate the joy that can be found in putting others first.

So this would be the perfect time to embark on Project Humility with your children, engraining it into your every day until it becomes natural to put others before yourself.

Start at home. Your children see you practicing humility every day when you put their needs above your own, but be conscious in doing it with a joyful heart. Go above and beyond your regular duties and allow your children to bask in the reality of what being humble looks like.

Incorporate the children by encouraging them to show humility in small and large ways to their siblings. This can be a tricky task for some siblings, but it’s a great reminder that being humble requires us to step outside of ourselves, putting others before our own wants and needs.

As you begin to see humility more prominently in your home, start finding ways to show it to others, to strangers. Start small by asking your children to hold the door for someone entering or exiting behind them. Allow someone with fewer items to go before you in the checkout line or offer the last item on the shelf to someone before claiming it for yourself.

Showing humility is a daily endeavor we can use to grow closer to Jesus and to be beacons of His light and love. We can instill in our children the desire to do the same by allowing them to witness us in action. Our children are watching our every interaction and only when we first show humility to them and others will they in turn do the same.

By: Angela Jamison is a mother of four and also the director of a Christian preschool. She enjoys connecting with other mothers and parents, reiterating God’s design for this toughest job on earth. Although she spends much of her day feeling as if she’s herding cats, she always strives to do a better job of instilling positive Christian traits into her children. To learn more about Angela, visit her webpage at or follow her on Twitter @AngJamison04, Instagram @AngJam731 or on Facebook @barrenbutblessed.

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