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Prepare for Advent-ure

Prepare for Advent-ure


As Christmas draws near there’s more than gift lists to prepare. We need to prepare our hearts. One way is with an advent wreath. Advent begins December 3rd, so prepare ahead by making plans to focus on Jesus during December. It can be fun to light an advent wreath each day. Each candle has a name and meaning that inspire us to act on the word.


Week 1 – Hope

Read about the hope of Jesus coming in prophecies:

Isaiah 9:7 the prophecy of the savior to come from the line of David

Micah 5:2 the prophecy of Christ’s birth in Bethlehem

Isaiah 7:14 the prophecy of the virgin birth

Hosea 11:1 the prophecy of Mary and Joseph fleeing to Egypt with Jesus

Isaiah 61:1 and Isaiah 35:4-6 the prophecies that Jesus would perform miracles

  • Bring hope to the needy by choosing names from a giving tree or shopping to fill Toys for Tots containers

Week 2 – Love

The purpose of Christ coming was to show God’s love to us:

  • Read John 3:16 about why God the Father sent Jesus, God the Son
  • Hold hands to form a human wreath and say a prayer for the person on the right, going around the circle. Then compliment the person on the left.

Week 3 – Joy

Because Christmas is so much closer and the wreath is so lit up! Joy is not the same as feeling happy. Joy is an inner gladness of heart that comes from trusting God.

  • Sing Christmas carols
  • Talk about the acronym j-o-y for Jesus-others-self. If we put Jesus first and think of others before ourselves, it is much easier to have joy.
  • Rejoice with the candy cane shape of a shepherd’s staff. Make rolls, cookies, and cake in the shape of a candy cane this week.

Week 4 Peace

Talk about the message the angels proclaimed at the birth of Christ.

  • Before speaking, consider if the words will be kind.
  • Peace doesn’t mean avoiding problems, but reminds us to discuss differences, listen calmly and find a solution that benefits people without hurting anyone.
  • Practice listening skills.
  • Pray for world peace and peace with the people you see daily.

Thanksgiving Word Search

Help your family celebrate and give thanks. Set the table, make decorations, and write a poem or prayer to say.

Use the WORD list to pray and thank God. Find the words in the puzzle.

Word list

health              pals                  school              toys

games              TV                   Mom                freedom

USA                food                love                 cars

home               faith                 clothes             Dad                 family

S   E   M   A   G   Y   C

H   H   E   S   L   A   P

T   O   E   I   M   O   M

I   R   M   F   D   L   U

A   A   S   E   A   O   T

F   R   E   E   D   O   M

O   L   H   G   Y   H   T

O   I   T   S   A   C   V

D   L   O   V   E   S   V

H   T   L   A   E   H   U

E   R   C   A   R   S   S

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __     __ __ __ __ __ __

What kind of person does God want us to be when we give thanks or give things? Find out by filling in the letters with the unused letters of the word search. Check it in 1 Corinthians 9:7.

By: Karen Whiting ( an author, speaker, and former television host, has a book all about advent called Christmas is Coming! But Waiting is Hard: Family Activities and Devotions for Advent.


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