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Praying for My Child’s Joy

Praying for My Child’s Joy

Have you noticed how artificial life has become in the past years? It seems that more people than ever are searching for self-worth in their looks, validation in what they accomplish, and joy in what they possess. I find myself having to fight against this. Sometimes I get so weary of having to constantly battle the world’s definition of who I am and what’s important.

This struggle has given me a new place to pray for my children. I know if I’m fighting this influence, so are they. So I’ve taken this battle to the Lord, asking Him to intervene and make sure my children are protected from all the false definitions the world is trying to apply to them.

Dear Lord,

I want my child to be happy and learn to be satisfied. Actually, I want even more than that. I’m asking you to give my child a foundation of true joy and contentment. As I watch, I’m afraid he has begun to look to the things of this world to make Him happy.

Please teach him (or her) that how we look, what we accomplish and what we own are fleeting. Show him the things from You are the only things that can provide true contentment. And don’t let me get drawn into this way of thinking and set a bad example. Instead let me see his struggle as a reminder for me to keep my focus on You.

You are the only One who can provide real and lasting contentment. Use this challenge to grow his faith in You. Teach him the basics of looking to You for his self-worth so that when he’s older, he will live in victory instead of constant frustration.

Most of all, let us learn this lesson together—as a family. Don’t ever let me make the mistake of not letting my son (or daughter) see my own struggle to grow in faith. Amen.

By: Edie Melson—author, blogger, speaker—has written numerous books, including While My Child is Away: Prayers for When We’re Apart. Married to her high school sweetheart, Kirk, they live in the upstate of South Carolina and have raised 3 sons. Connect with her on through Twitter and Facebook.

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