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Praying for My Child to Stay the Course

Praying for My Child to Stay the Course

The dreariness of winter still lingers, and with it my industry lessens. If it’s hard for me to concentrate and put in full effort on my tasks, it’s a thousand times harder for my children. They’re tired of cold, wet days and the drudgery of school work.

But they’re also learning valuable life lessons during this less-than-exciting season. God is using this time to show the value of staying on track even when they’re weary. As time passes, they’re discovering that nothing—not even the boredom of winter—lasts forever.

So during this season, I’m praying for these lessons to take root and give them a firm foundation to stay the course during trying times.

Dear Lord, I know this has seemed to be a long winter and it’s taken a toll on my children. They’re grumpy and tired of school. I can tell they want to slack off and just be lazy. Instead I’m asking you to give them a renewed sense of purpose.

Let this challenging time become a lesson that they carry into life as they learn to keep going even when it’s not fun or exciting. We’ve become a society that constantly searches for something new. Show them that great value can be found in doing something well—even when it seems like drudgery.

Surround them with friends who will exert a positive peer pressure to stay on track and to be diligent. Give them companions who challenge them to be better, even when the work seems meaningless or dull.

Keep me and my attitude from being a stumbling block. I’m struggling with the winter doldrums too, and I don’t want my attitude to drag them down.

Don’t let them give in to mediocrity, even in tasks that are unimportant in the moment. Show them the value in a job well done. Amen. 

By: Edie Melson—author, blogger, speaker—has written numerous books, including Soul Care When You’re Weary and While My Child is Away: Prayers for When We’re Apart. Married to her high school sweetheart, Kirk, they live in the upstate of South Carolina and have raised three sons. Connect with her on through Twitter and Facebook.

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