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Prayers for Our Children from Infancy to Marriage

Prayers for Our Children from Infancy to Marriage

As promised, this month I’m sharing tested, successful strategies and prayers for protecting our children from relational drama and trauma before they marry. It’s critical that we begin early, even when they’re infants.

>Prayerfully read through the New Testament with your teenagers, highlighting what they should seek in a friend, husband or wife. You have the life experience to guide them.

Father, grant us wisdom through Your Word.

As You desire a Christian marriage to be equally yoked,

may our children, their friends, mentors,

and the husband or wife You are designing for them

live out these qualities that will yield peace and lead others to You.

> When our children marry, they are to leave and cleave. But God also desires harmony and happiness within extended families as they share holidays, life events, blessings, and tragedies. It’s part of our testimony to the watching world.

Father, You have a sovereign plan for our lives.

Even as children, You are working in the hearts and lives

of the families that will be joined to ours.

Unite our hearts in mission and vision now,

although it may be years before we ever meet.

May our focus be faithfulness and fruitfulness

in the calling You have for our lives

individually and together.

>Fathers, carefully guard your daughters from the pollution of the world and from relational distractions, faithfully praying now for the man who will someday seek to win her heart. Mothers, model the Proverbs 31 woman for your sons and daughters, and faithfully pray for your future daughter-in-law.

Father, help us to protect Your children

from distorted relational concepts.

Help us to keep our “entertainment” cabinets and devices

free from seeds that might compromise their innocence.

May we keep sinister spirits who sow such seed

far from our homes and hearts.

May we and those You are preparing to join to our family

live with integrity both publicly

and privately.

Father, grant us a complete knowledge of Your Will,

along with spiritual wisdom and understanding so that

the way we live will always please You

and produce every kind of good fruit

as we grow and learn to know You better and better.

May our families be strengthened with Your glorious power

so we will have all the endurance and patience we need

as we faithfully wait for You to reveal Your Will for our lives.

(Based on Colossians 1:9-11)

I’ve provided forty brief bullet points for successfully navigating relational waters at the following link on our website. Directly from the Bible and personal experience, I’d love to help you, hear from you, and learn from you.

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