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Prayers for 18 Ages and 18 Stages

Prayers for 18 Ages and 18 Stages

Let’s back up and begin with pregnancy.

  • Frame an ultrasound photo and attach a piece of yarn, a reminder that this child is being knit together in the womb by God Himself (Ps. 139). Use it as a reminder to pray for wisdom to inspire this child excel and accomplish all God desires of him or her.


  • One
    Diapers inspire prayer for physical, emotional, and spiritual purity in this present darkness. And at feeding times,

As newborn babies seemingly ceaselessly cry out for milk,
so may my family long for You, God
(1 Peter 2:2).

  • Two
    While tying shoelaces and teaching them to walk,

May every step move them deeper into Your presence and will.

  • Three
    While teaching them to talk,

Please give this child Your Words to pray
and Your words to speak to the nations.

  • Four
    They may struggle over toys and territory.

Help my children recognize that all things belong to You.
Give them joy in living generous lives.

  • Five
    While filling backpacks, ask God to filter their thoughts – may they be holy. If packing lunches

May their favorite food be to do Your will.

  • Six

Above every book they ever may read,
please grant them a passion for the Bible.
Grant them excellent understanding and discernment.

  • Seven
    Each time our children play an athletic game or instrument, sing, demonstrate strength in academics or other special skills,

Father, please help us treat every special ability with appreciation
and humility. May these gifts not become an obsession,
but instead an opportunity to lead others to You.

  • Eight
    It’s important to involve children in ministry – feeding the homeless, preparing meals for those who are ill, visiting someone in the hospital –

God, please give our children a heart
for those who are hurting or lost.

  • Nine
    Friends gain increasing influence. Each time a friend’s name is mentioned, ask God to surround your children with God-honoring individuals and intercessors who will help them become all He desires them to be. Ask God to break any alliances that would lead them from Him. He will.

  • Ten
    A decorative heart in a special place reminds us to pray,

Father, give our children hearts that follow hard after You
rather than the customs and influence of the culture.

  • Eleven
    When cleaning their mirrors,

Help them recognize how wonderful and unique they are.
Turn their hearts from comparing themselves with others.
Above all, may they reflect You to the watching world.

  • Twelve
    Manners are important at every age. As they walk out the door each day, I’m reminded to pray,

Father, may this child love and honor others
with the same energetic passion with which
they love themselves.

  • Thirteen
    Behavior is a top concern among parents of adolescents. Avoid like a plague, any movie, song, video game, etc. that mocks or diminishes the role of parents or others in authority.
    When turning on the television or computer,

Father, please give us strong and willing spirits
to quickly turn from anything that might introduce any darkness
into our hearts or minds.

  • Fourteen
    As they press for independence, this prayer will be repeated many times,

Please give them a desire to be wholly dependent upon You, God!

  • Fifteen
    As romantic attractions tease their affections, this prayer was highly effective in protecting my daughters,

Any young man who is not Your will for their lives,
please put a holy fear into their hearts,
a fear of them and of You.

He did.

  • Sixteen
    This season creates calluses on our knees as we find ourselves praying with greater intensity. Whenever they walk out the door with friends, especially with the keys to the car,

Father, please grant them a profound sense of urgent responsibility.
May they be strong protectors, leaders who follow
only those who follow Your truth and light.
Please protect them physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

  • Seventeen
    Tie their favorite color ribbon around an ink pen. Every time you use it,

Please write the story of their lives.
Open doors You desire them to enter
and firmly close any that might lead them away from You
or Your sacred will.

  • Eighteen
    Some will remain in or close to home. Others will take off and take on this world that’s so rapidly changing. Pray. Pray hard. Pray even harder. Together we will raise up a generation that’s dangerous in prayer.

By: Connie Norris has a passion to mobilize women and children to pray. Please visit her website, “My Home, a House of Prayer for All Nations” or connect with her on Facebook at

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