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Prayer Walking the Zoo

Prayer Walking the Zoo

We can change our families and change the world simply by teaching our children to associate prayer with animals while visiting the zoo. I’ll share a few examples to get you started.

LIONS: They’re my favorite because of two great Bible stories we can share with our kids. David had the courage to stand against Goliath because he remembered protecting his sheep from a lion and a bear (1 Sam. 17). And God protected Daniel when he was forced into a lions’ den because he refused to stop praying to Him. They also remind us that satan, our enemy, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour (1 Pet. 5:8-9), but that the righteous are bold as lions (Prov. 28:1). Pause at the cages and discuss these stories and how lions can be a visual reminder to pray for courage in any circumstance.

ELEPHANTS: An Asian elephant has small ears; the African has large ears. They can remind us to pray for the people of Asia and Africa, that they will have ears to hear the gospel.

When we see animals with their babies, it can inspire us to pray that the hearts of parents be knit to their children and the hearts of children knit to their parents. May there be a tenderness among them. May they communicate willingly and openly. Let’s pray for unity within homes and hearts.

CAMELS: These inspire powerful prayers for our families. I love this story! When Abraham’s servant was sent to find a wife for Isaac, Rebekah was the answer to his prayer. She took the time to draw water for a stranger and the ten camels he brought with him. Camels may go many days without water and then drink as much as 25 gallons in 10 minutes, up to about 40 gallons in one session. This young girl may have drawn about 400 gallons of water, and with a gallon of water weighing 8.34 pounds, she may have carried as much as 3,336 pounds—in addition to her heavy earthen pitcher—in order to accommodate their thirst.

Father, may our children

be the answer to the prayers of many strangers.

May they selflessly respond to the needs of others

with great strength and endurance…

And Rebekah’s obedient generosity led to a blessing we may apply to our loved ones today.

May you become the (spiritual) mother of thousands of ten thousands,

and may your offspring possess the gates

of their (spiritual) enemies. (Gen. 24)

So many animals inspire so many prayers! The next time you visit the zoo, take a notebook and pen, take your time, and write a few down as a keepsake and to share with others. And we’d love to hear your prayer inspirations.

By: Connie Norris. Connie’s passion is to mobilize women and children to pray. Please visit her website, “My Home, a House of Prayer for All Nations” or connect with her on Facebook at

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  1. This is great fun and filled with good reminders for us all.

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