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Ponder Your Path this Summer

Ponder Your Path this Summer

Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways. Proverbs 4:26 NIV

Where has your summer path taken you recently? Has your family taken a unique vacation? Visited extended family? Traveled to the library frequently? Explored a new park? Hiked a new trail?

For some families, a new school year is about to begin sometime this month, but the calendar still boasts of summer for several weeks. Take the opportunity to wiggle your toes on new paths and favorite familiar ones before summer is officially over and make lots of family memories to treasure. Try out some of the zany holidays below and celebrate family all month long!

Catfish Month – If you’ve ever taken a close look at a catfish, you’ll know how the swimmer got its name. Both freshwater and saltwater catfish sport whiskers on their faces. A funny creation, right? Have some fun with this holiday and see how many compound words you can think of. Turn the festivity into an artwork challenge and make family members guess each compound word. For example, someone might draw a block of butter and a fly, and family members guess butterfly. Or, someone could draw raindrops and an archer’s bow, and family members guess rainbow.

Wiggle Your Toes Day – Get outside as much as possible and find new places to wiggle your toes: in the grass, in the sand, in the frothy ocean, in the mud, in a backyard sprinkler, in a pool, in plush carpet dancing to music, in a bathtub filled with bubbles, or in a pan of washable paints to create a masterpiece.

National Lighthouse Day – Create a fun table centerpiece with this craft. You’ll need two different sizes of red plastic cups, one clear plastic cup that is smaller than the other two cups, and a battery-operated tea light. Turn the two red cups upside down and glue strips of white computer paper around both cups to give them a striped appearance. Once the glue is dry, place the smaller cup onto the larger cup, with both cups upside-down. Set the tea light on top of the “lighthouse” and cover it with the smallest cup, the clear plastic one.

National Crayon Collection Month – Share a service project with the family to celebrate the day. Shop for school supplies, including crayons, and drop them off at a collection spot to be distributed to kids who need them.

National Potato Day – Work together in the kitchen to make a side dish for dinner. Mix together in a large bowl: two pounds of shredded, frozen hash brown potatoes, one-half cup melted butter; two teaspoons salt, one-half teaspoon pepper, one can cream of chicken soup, and twelve ounces of grated cheddar cheese. Pour the mixture into a rectangular baking dish. Top with a layer of crushed Ritz crackers. Drizzle one-fourth cup of butter over the cracker crumbs. Bake at 325 degrees for one hour.

Ponder your path in August and make sure to put the Lord first in all your journeys.

By: Julie Lavender

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