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Planting Seeds that Matter

Planting Seeds that Matter

Materials Needed: Grass Seed

Scripture Reference: Matthew 28: 19-20

In recent months, we had some excavation around our barn. Though this process created better drainage as intended, it caused a different issue . . . a grass deficit. We had to plant grass seeds, which is not really a big deal, but the patience to wait for it to grow is not always readily available.

Our children were super excited and eager to help scatter the seeds. I watched our son, Ethan, excitedly get a handful of seeds and run like mad to a certain spot. Each time he would get to the destination he had chosen he’d look into his hands. Then, he would pause, puzzled because his hands were empty. What Ethan did not realize is that even though he was empty-handed at his destination, he had done exactly what was expected . . . he’d planted seeds.

God used this experience to deal with my heart about evangelical missions. Every person who has invited Jesus to be Lord of their heart is expected to spread the Gospel message. What we fail to realize is that we are not required to take a trip or give up what we are blessed with in order to exercise our great commission. As we live each day, someone in our path undoubtedly needs Jesus, and our walk with Christ could be the only godly example our audience might experience.

The fullness of the Godhead (the nature of God) resides within the heart of every believer. The day we come to saving knowledge spiritually speaking, we reach into the bag of “God seeds” and have hands full of Gospel to scatter. Our seeds may not seem like much and we will not often see instant results, but we are to simply plant. Just like grass, we can scatter it, but God has to send the rain and sun to give growth. In spiritual planting, we are commanded to plant, but God gives the increase.

It is my prayer that when we reach our destination of Heaven, we can look into our hands and realize we planted all the seeds God gave while running the race of life.

Action Steps:

  1. If you can, plant some grass with your children. There are many seeds in a handful, but they are small and seemingly insignificant. Explain that our acts of kindness in the name of Jesus may be small and seem insignificant, but God will honor our efforts and do exceedingly abundantly above what we ask or think.
  1. Discuss examples of witnessing. Examples include: testimony, telling people with whom you come into contact about goodness God has poured upon you, sharing a joyful attitude, volunteering your time and talents, etc.

Additional Scripture References:

Psalm 126:6; Matthew 13:31, 32; Matthew 25: 31-40

By: Lydia Cox

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