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Without Apology

Posted by on 7-8-19

Will You Accept?

Posted by on 6-26-19

Welcomed by God

Posted by on 6-17-19


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Will You Accept?

Posted by on Jun 26, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Giggles and Grace | 0 comments

I had already put our youngest, Grace, to bed. She was four at the time. My husband was in our twelve-year-old’s room putting together a new desk chair for him. I walked in to check on the progress, and a few minutes later, my nine-year-old crossed the hall from her room to see if the chair was finished as well. In no time at all, my husband had us all cracking up. If I think back to that day...

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Intentional Parenting

Posted by on Jun 21, 2019 in Blog, Bonus Days | 0 comments

Famous baseball catcher Yogi Berra played against slugger Hank Aaron in the 1957 World Series. An on-plate exchange occurred between the two when Aaron prepared to bat. Berra chided, “Henry, you need to hold the bat so you can read the label. You’re gonna break that bat. You’ve got to be able to read the label.” Aaron remained silent, but he knocked the ball out of the park on his next hit. After running the bases and touching home...

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Kickstart a Summer of Growth

Posted by on Jun 18, 2019 in A LASTING FAITH, Blog, Family Do-votions | 0 comments

Jesus became wiser and stronger. He also became more and more pleasing to God and to people. Luke 2:52 The end of the school year, the start of summer, warm lazy days, and more are upon us. Make the most of it with growth as a theme. Plant some carrot seeds or a few herbs in a pot or the ground. They grow quickly. Chat about the fact that just as the plant will grow and thrive with a...

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Welcomed by God

Posted by on Jun 17, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Inspiration for the Journey | 0 comments

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.”  Romans 15:7; ESV She turned to look at me, an automatic response to an uncomfortable statement. Soft-expletive language, the kind we didn’t allow, shocked our home’s airwaves. They stood together in our kitchen, two blonde-bunned-heads with damp tendrils escaping, one straight and one curly. Tweens full of laughter, long legs, and fingernail polish. My daughter’s friend’s word hung in the air. “Yes, I heard that,”...

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Just Breathe

Posted by on Jun 12, 2019 in Blog, Bonus Days | 1 comment

My mother had to recently talk me off the mom ledge. I had an incident with my six-month-old foster daughter where she was vomiting nonstop. She hadn’t held down fluids in approximately five hours, her diapers were nearly dry, and I was beginning to enter panic mode. The problem arose when I couldn’t find an after-hours number for her pediatrician. At my wit’s end, I found myself searching Google while on the phone with my mother. Between nearly hysterical...

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I Try to Do the Right Thing, But…

Posted by on Jun 10, 2019 in A HAPPY HOME, Blog, That Mom Life | 0 comments

I never knew so much ‘tude could exist in one little body. My four-year-old sat perched on the edge of his bed: arms crossed, eyes narrowed, and sweet lips pressed into a firm line of defiance. His chest heaved from the Oscar-worthy performance he’d just displayed as he protested the great injustice of having to obey his mom. I knelt in front of him to address his disobedience. After a short discussion, Benjamin admitted—with great reluctance—that he had done...

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Calendar Memories

Posted by on Jun 7, 2019 in A CHERISHED FAMILY, Blog, Dad Voice | 0 comments

A little while back, a student said to me; “Did you know there is a National Paper Airplane Day?” It seemed a little strange, but we verified it. There online, among a list of holidays for May, was the designated label. To my surprise, every day in May has some sort of event or holiday. Some are serious (Memorial Day) and some a little nondescript (May 18th – No Dirty Dishes Day). Some I recognized as having been established...

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