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Overflowing Praise

Overflowing Praise

Five-year-old Baylor sat on the kitchen counter. As she stirred the cookie dough she sang. The song never seemed to end and her demeanor was one of pure joy. I didn’t recognize the song but the words were precious words of praise.

I wish I had had my hands on the camera record button instead of in cookie dough.

Several days later I asked her, “Baylor, would you please sing the song you were singing the other day? I’d like to record it so I can listen over and over again.”

“What song?”

“The one you sang when you were sitting on the counter the other day. It was about praising Jesus.”

“Oh, that’s not a song. I was just making up the words while I was singing. It is not really a song.”

Baylor had spent our entire cookie making time praising God and making up a praise song as she went. What a perfect example of Psalm 68:32. “O kingdoms of the earth, sing to God; sing praises to the Lord, Selah.” It doesn’t matter what else we are doing, this sweet five-year-old reminded me that above all else our activities should include praise to God.

Sometimes we as parents forget that. It is so easy to show our children by example how to praise God as we go about our daily chores. How simple it is to raise our voices in song to our Creator. Let Baylor remind us all that as we go about our daily activities, we can:

  • Praise him while we work and play.
  • Have praise music playing in the background of our homes.
  • Use time in the car to listen to praise music or to sing praises together.

Children will learn an attitude of praise by being around those who practice praising God as a daily habit. Are you setting a good example of praise for your children? If not, today would be a great day to start.

Lord, fill our hearts with overflowing praise for you. Amen.

By: Linda Gilden

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