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No Updates Needed

No Updates Needed

Materials: outdated phone or other electronic device

Scripture Reference: Genesis 8:22

So, who loves updates? I am constantly receiving prompts for updating my cell phone, but I repeatedly decline, because in the past, I have experienced more challenges with the software after the update was completed. I prefer to use my phone the way it was purchased. The updates, no doubt, are purposed for my benefit, but it’s a challenge for me to accept it when I only experience increased difficulty.

The proposition for updating is not exclusive to electronic equipment.  I am guilty of looking around my house and making lists of projects for remodeling, surfing the internet for fashion changes to improve my wardrobe, and new workout tips to gain better results in less time. So much of this stuff is just occupying precious time.

Americans are blessed beyond measure, yet we have a drive to attain better versions of what we already have in hopes to make simple tasks easier. God has called His children to contentment, yet believers in Christ seem to exhibit no difference of wanting more and better.

Recently while in the process of extracting honey, something occurred to me that ties into this. Honey bees have been in existence for quite some time and the work that they accomplish has never been updated or modified. They still clean and maintain the hive, collect pollen and nectar, and make honey. They live to do exactly what they were created to do.

Updates are also not needed for our families. The principles found in God’s Word that were used generations ago are still timely for parents today.

God’s creation is good and updates are not required for our survival. God created us for praise of Him (Isaiah 43:7). God has allowed us to live in a time with so much advancement in technology, that it is easy to forget our purpose.

Of all people on the face of this Earth, God’s children have the most reason to praise Him. Our praise of God is not for His benefit, but for ours. When we praise Him, we are reminded of all the benefits He has provided us and this increases hope for His presence in the future. And those who hear our praise of Him are encouraged or led to Him.

Let’s remember all we need has been provided, and try to praise God in good and bad times. How can your family praise Him today?

Action Steps:

  1. Show your family an outdated phone or other electronic device. Talk about why it isn’t still valuable—still good—today.
  2. Look at a magazine or at online photos and talk about how people want to change their fashions, hairstyles, or other things.
  3. Talk about changes that are good and changes that are bad.
  4. Talk about how God never changes and that the advice and guidelines in His Word are always current.
  5. Ask your children how praise can make a difference in our lives and attitudes and how it can affect others.
  6. Give each family member an opportunity to praise God for something.

Additional Scripture References: Psalm 13:6, 67:3; 69:30; 71:8; 74:16, 17; 103; 150 (many Psalms)

By: Lydia Cox

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