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Need Courage Today?

Need Courage Today?

Teenagers waiting on the school bus shouldn’t cause you to shake in your boots…or well, walking shoes in my case. And I didn’t really shake. But I did have an argument with God. I risked disobedience.

I was soaking up the sunshine and being refreshed by the cool breezes as I took my morning walk. It’s the norm to pray for neighbors as I pass their homes, or strangers that I observe along the way. Sometimes I even tell them I’m praying for them.

But today was different.

There they stood in their awkward cluster. Must have been middle-schoolers, with interesting assortment of styles and levels of coolness. I smiled and prayed for them as I passed.

And God said, “Go pray over them.”


I said, “Lord, I prayed for them. I’ll pray more now. Please protect them. Please help them make wise choices. Please put Godly people in their path.”

He said, “I just did. Go pray over them.”

Audible sigh. “Really? They’ll think I’m a weirdo.” He reminded me that I’m almost 60 and that the my forties had freed me from most of the “what’ll people think” mentality.

“Go pray over them.”

I turned around, summoned up the courage to obey, and walked their way. Their glances made me chuckle. I approached and said, “I have a weird question.” Cool dark-skinned, long-haired beauty with the earbuds looked a bit skeptical. That darling awkward husky boy who could hardly even face the crew kicked at the dirt. Sweet blonde braces-filled smiling girl seemed curious. They were the only ones I locked eyes with.

So I said it. “May I pray over you?”

Silence. Glances at each other. Then someone mumbled, “Sure.” Cool girl just stared.

Similar to what I had done one-on-one with God, I prayed, “Lord, please bless these students today. Please help them to make wise choices. Please surround them with people who choose well. Please protect them. In Jesus Name. Amen.”

Cool girl still stared. Sweet blonde smiled. And that darling husky boy softly said, “Thank you.”

I walked away without looking back. Of course I wondered what they thought, what they said. But I moved on triumphantly, walking in obedience. God and I had another conversation about obedience in the little things and how that aids Him in trusting us with the big things. He reminded me of some Scriptures on courage. They applied here, even in this little thing. I thanked Him for His faithfulness.

The God who had placed the idea on my heart knew exactly what those young people were facing that day and what they were going through in their lives. And it’s a great reminder for us as parents to send our children off to school (or wherever) with the security of our prayers.

What do you need courage for today, moms and dads? A little thing like praying with someone? Or a big thing that requires even greater steps of faith? You are not alone. God, the Creator of the universe is right beside you. His Holy Spirit lives in you. Be of great courage.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified…for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9 (NIV)

By: Kristi Butler enjoyed twenty wonderful years in the elementary classroom. She’s been promoted to full-time grandmommy and is the author of several books for children.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful reminder of being obedient in the smallest of things.

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