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My Favorite Pillow

My Favorite Pillow

I have several pillows on my bed, but only one of them is my favorite. Why, you ask? Because it’s comfortable, supportive, and feels soft as my head hits the pillow each night. Children similarly have favorites; a favorite toy, favorite food, favorite movie, favorite dress, or a favorite friend.

Our favorite things make us feel good, bring immense joy, and can lend comfort to a hurting heart. We just kind of feel better when we connect with our most beloved items or experiences.

When we think about Jesus, I wonder if we think of him as one of our “favorite things.” Have you ever thought about asking your children how they feel about Jesus? Do they know Him, understand Him, love Him, and long to be in His presence?

I fear that our children may not long to connect with Jesus if they don’t see us (the grown-ups) longing to be with Jesus. It’s important to remember that when God commanded us to have no other gods before Him, he was essentially saying, “Make me your favorite. Yearn for me. Desire me. Love me. Talk to me. Listen to me.” God the father and his son Jesus want to be our absolute favorite relationship. They want to be needed. They want to know us as deeply as we need to know them, and children can’t learn to make that a priority if they don’t see us modeling the desired behavior.

To help your children grow their affection for the Lord, consider using one of their favorite toys or items of clothing to talk about favorites and the things we love and desire. Remind them when they get upset because they can’t have or be with their favorite things, Jesus too gets upset when he can’t have us. He wants our full attention and our hearts, because He made us with purpose and identifies us as the highest and most precious of His entire creation.

It’s critical that we all remember to model and teach our children to desire nothing more than being in the presence of Christ. Making Him their “favorite” will set them up for life success. Be bold in telling your family and friends how much you long for your Savior—your favorite.

By: Dr. Lori Brown is a North Carolina educator, writer, and researcher who enjoys inspiring believers to remain passionate about their faith.

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