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Muddy Knees

Muddy Knees

My arms ached as I hefted around 30 pounds of a muddy grimy two-year old boy.  Even though my muscles burned, I relished every moment down the mountain.

My son Carrick was worn out. Tired of stepping over roots, trudging through muddy trails, and slipping on slick wet stones, my boy succumbed to his tiredness.

He was a champ. His little legs had carried him through his first hiking adventure. He enjoyed every moment.

With a teary eyed-whimper he asked to be carried the rest of the way back to our car. After almost four miles of hiking to Grotto Falls and back, I gladly obliged.

Mud covered his knees and dirt encrusted his face, as he stared back at me–his eyes heavy from the weight of his exhaustion.

In between my breaths I looked down at him, “I am so proud of you Carrick. You are such a good little hiker. I love you very much.” I smiled and continued, “Did you have fun?”

Carrick nodded slowly as if it took every ounce of his remaining energy. Next, I shared the most important words, “I am so thankful God made these beautiful mountains so we could enjoy them together.”

He said nothing. His eyes examined my face as I adjusted his position in my arms. I repeated this phrase a few more times before our journey ended.

Even though my son is little, I want him to equate our beautiful world with our amazing creator. I want to mold his thankfulness at the beginning of his life, and I want to share my thankfulness with him.

Do you regularly appreciate God, his creation, or His people in front of, or with your children?

Be intentional. It is important that your children learn to thank God from watching you. Every moment can be used to mold your child’s appreciation of our Savior.

By: Cyle Young

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