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Mommy Needs Jesus Too

Mommy Needs Jesus Too

In the months that led up to my first child’s delivery, I sat for hours thinking about what I would and would not do as a mother. I read every book on parenting I could get my hands on. In theory, it all sounded so simple. My plan was solid, secure, and I felt like I had this motherhood thing whipped before I’d even started (pausing for all parents to laugh hysterically and give me a monster eye roll).

And then the baby came.

God’s word proved true—as it always does. Pride came before my epic fall and I plummeted. I didn’t know what to do as a new mom, but I felt like I should automatically know that … as if the placing of a baby into my arms suddenly made me qualified.

You’re a mom now. Get it together, Callie.

I put up a brave front and appeared to be in complete control. I told myself if I kept up the pretenses, eventually I’d figure this thing out. No matter how hard I tried to fake it, I never seemed to make it.

Whatever it was.

Confused and exhausted, I became fiercely protective of the image of motherhood I’d dreamed up. As my children grew I continued to shield them from my struggles.

“You’re the best mommy in the whole world,” they’d say.

I would go to my bedroom and sob knowing how far from the truth they were. I thanked God for their temporary amnesia too since I’d yelled at them only ten minutes before they said that.

They can’t see me like this. They think I’m perfect. The pressure was so intense.

Several years ago, God brought someone into my life who spoke a word in due season to me.

“Callie, your children need to see you needing Jesus. Otherwise, how will they see that they need Him too?”

God changed me with those words. They sank deep into the soil of my heart and I began to be a mother to my children in a more authentic way than I ever had. When I messed up, I went to my children, apologized, and reminded them, “Mommy needs Jesus too.”

When they see me having quiet time and ask why I’m always reading my Bible and writing in my journal, I tell them,

“Because Mommy needs Jesus too.”

Behind closed doors, those seemingly perfect parents have real struggles, real temptations, and face real issues just like us. We are all far from perfect and our children will be. If we appear any different than what we are, how will we teach our children what to do when they fall short?

Matthew 11:28 says, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

By: Callie Daruk is a smitten wife and a joyful mother to three boys in Nashville, TN. As a writer, blogger, and speaker, she encourages others to seek Christ with their whole heart. She also serves as the Nashville Chapter President for Word Weavers International. Connect with her at, and on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. Callie, your words are beautiful, your testament great and your faith and love are unwavering. Thank you.

  2. Such a pure testimony, written straight from the loving heart of a mother. Thanks for sharing. – AMy

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