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Measuring our Moments

Measuring our Moments

I fight back tears that long to fall like the rain outside my window. If you have children in your home, measuring the moments is important for you as well, as the moments seemingly melt away. What deposits will remain in your heart when the swings and slide have long been abandoned? Prayer defines our journey.




Norris (1) 4-28-15My heart exploded with pride as Kristina stepped on the platform to receive her pre-school diploma.


the world is so big

and this child is so small,

protect her, please protect her –Norris (2) 4-28-15

spiritually, physically, emotionally…

Protect her.



Thirteen summers later, she threw her cap into the air, headed for college, and then left our home to share life with the man we had always prayed for.


continue to equip her; anoint her.

May she and her family

be Your hands and feet and heart

to a world that is saturated by darkness.

Please mark out the pathways before them,

delighting in every detail of their destiny.

As Kristina graduated from high school, we chose to homeschool Melissa Ann. Twelve years later, I handed her a piece of paper representing the mountain of moments we had spent together. Our prayers, ever expanding to embrace every member of our family, embrace your family too..

Norris (3) 4-28-15


please grant our children a God-sized vision

that demands faith that moves mountains

and God-power working within them

to serve You fearlessly and faithfully,

always pursuing holiness

so that they may

through prayer and faith-filled action

influence those who influence others,

leading vast multitudes to righteousness.

The following year, our first grandson graduated from kindergarten.

Norris (4) 4-28-15Father,

You have called us into the world

and into Your Kingdom

for such a time as this.

Surround us with God-honoring friends

and the courage to step out boldly

                                                                                                     to do all You deposit within our hearts.

                                                                                                   May we consistently call to You,

                                                                                                      knowing that You will show us

                                                                                                         great and mighty things

                                                                                                         that we do not know.

This year, another grandson will graduate from kindergarten…

The tears I spoke of as I began writing are not stained by sadness, but as sands on the seashore, too numerous to count, they are tears of thanksgiving.


thank You for every moment with these children,

these vast treasures You have shared with us.

Move us to celebrate the smaller, simpler daily victories of life,

recognizing that these are the substance of a lifetime.

So teach us to number our days,

that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Psalm 90:12NKJV

By: Connie Norris

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