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Mealtime Teamwork

Mealtime Teamwork

Last night we had breakfast for supper.

Ten-year-old Carlyn made the grits. “These grits are really soupy!”

“Just wait until you cook them,” I said. “Then they will look like grits.”

“My stuff is pretty soupy too,” nine-year-old Les said as he made the pancakes.

“Same to you. The pancakes will be great when we cook them.”

Seven-year-old Audrey cracked and got the eggs ready for scrambling. “Ew, these are slimy!”

“Do you like scrambled eggs?” She nodded. “They will turn out just right because of all the care and love you are putting into making them!”

I cooked bacon and my hubby made toast. The process of making supper was a learning experience for the children. Messy? Yes, but the positive value far outweighed the task of cleaning up afterward.

The chatter at the table was lively and there were many exclamations of “This is delicious,” “Tastes great,” and “Yum!” Because all the children pitched in, they felt ownership of the meal and were excited it was so enjoyable.

I was going to cook supper whether or not they helped. But their interest, participation, and joy was an added bonus. Being part of the team was a blessing to everyone involved.

Isn’t that the way God works? He is God and really doesn’t need us. However, He loves it when we join Him in what He is doing and the blessing we receive is sweet. When we fill the spot He has created for us in His family, we get excited to be involved and want to tell others about it.

Think about It

1)      Does your family operate as a team? Do the children participate actively in family events, even the simple ones like fixing dinner?

2)      A team is a group of people working toward the same goal. What other things could your family team do together? How about forming a family prayer team? Meet regularly at breakfast or bedtime or whatever time works for your family.

3)      Make sure your family team understands the importance of being on God’s team. Point out ways that you could join in with what God is doing through your family or church.

By: Linda Gilden and her husband live in SC. She is a mother of three children and their spouses and grandmother of five. She loves to cook with her children and grandchildren, especially when they have breakfast for supper.

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