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Living Water

Living Water

For years, I sat at the kitchen table to have my morning quiet time with the Lord. I would sit down and read my Bible after I fed my kids breakfast and got them playing or took them to school. One day as I read at the table, Grace, who was three at the time, came dancing around the table and behind me.

I possess the special mom skill where I can listen for signs of distress but tune out the sound of chatter and singing. Grace danced and sang as she meandered all around the kitchen. She stopped at the fridge and played with the magnet letters for a minute before dancing on towards me again. Her songs were a pleasant background music for my reading.

My little girl disappeared behind my chair standing between me and the kitchen wall. I could feel her presence near. And then she popped up beside me rubbing her hands together the way one would to rub in hand lotion.

“I needed to wash my hands. Now they alllllll clean!” she told me with pride.

My mind ran through what just happened. I could see the water dripping from her hands as she rubbed them together, but I knew she hadn’t left from behind my chair. There’s no way she could have walked all the way to the bathroom without my knowledge. So I turned around.

That’s when I saw it – the dog bowl! My daughter had dipped and washed her hands in the water bowl from which our dog thirstily sips and slobbers. Not being a dog person, I wanted to wail like when Snoopy licks Lucy in the old Peanuts cartoons, “Ack! Dog germs!”

I jumped up from the table and marched Grace to the sink and scrubbed her hands clean, all the while explaining the water from the dog bowl is not water for washing hands. Yuck! I sent my husband a text, telling him about the incident, and I added, “It’s a good thing she wasn’t thirsty!”

I look back now and laugh, but that day I didn’t find it so funny.

Grace wasn’t so different from the woman at the well. She set her sights on the wrong water. As Jesus told the woman that day, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:13-14 NIV)

Are you trying to satisfy your thirst with the wrong water? Ask God for the Living Water that only He provides. After all, we can’t teach our children about Living Water without learning about it first.

By: Carol Hatcher is a former elementary teacher turned writer. This author and speaker lives with her husband and three children in Georgia. Come visit her at

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