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Life, Sweet Life

Life, Sweet Life

Our houseguests sat at the kitchen table catching up on email. Addi sat at the counter. She was singing at the top of her eight-year-old lungs while cutting soda cans in two and taping them around the top to create pencil holders. Her seven-year-old brother, Liam, had a new remote control car and it raced around the kitchen island, through the chairs that our guests sat in, made a loop in the family room and finally crashed into the bookcase. Liam righted the car and began the loop again. And I sat in the middle of it all, writing.

What’s it like at your house? To me, the house guests at the table let me know that I have good friends. I love having them visit. Addi‘s sweet praises at the counter kept me focused on what mattered. Liam’s joy and delight in seeing how fast he could race his car around the house was contagious. I worked all the while thanking God that my house and heart were full.

So often I let the sounds and activity around me become annoying and frustrating. After all, wouldn’t I be more productive if I could sit in a silent room, all alone, and let creativity unleash itself?

I don’t think so. My life is full and exciting. And every day, when I sit and try to follow my calling as a writer in the midst of that full life, I thank God for every distraction. May I always be faithful to the calling of family that He has blessed me with.

Think about it.

When was the last time you felt “interrupted” by a family member while you were doing something? How did you react?

Jesus was often interrupted by people while He ministered. Did He stop and address the interruption or did He shoo them away?

Maybe as moms and dads we need to follow Jesus’ model and welcome the opportunity to touch a life when our days are interrupted.

By: Linda Gilden is a freelance writer and editor who appreciates every opportunity to serve her family, even in the midst of her writing projects.

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