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Kickstart a Summer of Growth

Kickstart a Summer of Growth

Jesus became wiser and stronger. He also became more and more pleasing to God and to people. Luke 2:52

The end of the school year, the start of summer, warm lazy days, and more are upon us. Make the most of it with growth as a theme. Plant some carrot seeds or a few herbs in a pot or the ground. They grow quickly.

Chat about the fact that just as the plant will grow and thrive with a little care, your family members will all grow better with care. Check out these ideas to encourage growth.

Grow Physically

Measure each child now and at the end of summer. Check clothing and shoe sizes. See who grows the most.

Eat healthy foods and exercise. Consider what backyard sports you can do as a family—things such as volleyball, water balloon tosses, croquet, and obstacle courses. Buy local produce and have fun cooking it.

Grow Mentally

Everyone’s intelligence can grow with a little encouragement and good activities. Set up weekly trips to the library or a local bookstore to get books to read. Talk together about the books in the car or at meals.

Challenge your children to think. State a question or problem and see what ideas each person can share. Discuss problems and mistakes that helped you learn, dreams of what you want to do in life, and steps to help you persist and overcome obstacles. Try doing puzzles—including logic puzzles to stretch minds.

Grow Spiritually

Try these ideas to inspire spiritual growth:

  • Pray together.
  • Put up a prayer wall (bulletin board, sticky notes) to post prayer needs, and add stars when the prayers are answered.
  • Play and sing Christian music. Discuss what the words mean.
  • Read the Bible and buy and enjoy do-able devotions (like 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families).

Grow Emotionally

Coping with emotions can be practiced and learned. Identify emotions (both positive and negative) and discuss how to keep good ones and change bad ones. Encourage persistence and trying to achieve a goal. Practice giving compliments and doing acts of kindness to develop compassion. Try various social settings from play dates and family times to group settings and interacting with various ages.

Grow Family Bonds

Grow your family bonds by spending time together, engaging in fun activities, and a few road trips. Work together on your home, cook together, and eat together. Hold a game night or other activity. And remember to capture memories with photos.

By: Karen Whiting ( enjoys her five children and 12 grands. She is an author of 25 book, a former television host, and an international speaker. Check out her book 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families.

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