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Keeping Your Jingle When the Family Mingles

Keeping Your Jingle When the Family Mingles

It’s that time of year – time for stockings, Christmas trees, wrapped presents, cookies, hot chocolate, and even more cookies! Christmas time is upon us, and that often brings with it extra family, church, and community socials and events. From church cantatas to neighborhood caroling and your child’s holiday concert at the local middle school, December is a busy month.

When things get busy, we get tired, and fatigue unfortunately tends to bring out the worst in some of us. We get a little shorter with our words and patience, and we’re even tempted to snap at those around us. As much as we love our family members, they still get on our nerves when excessive exhaustion hits.

Fatigue, food, and too much fun, even when it’s focused on the Christmas celebration, can bring families to a breaking point; to the point that they really lose their jingle amidst opportunities to mingle. So how do we fix this? How do we protect ourselves and our families during this holy season so that we aren’t guilty of hurting the people we love and care for the most? Solution: Follow these three “December Survival Tips.”

  • Focus on the holiness rather than the hedonistic pleasure of the season
  • Make time every time for the family to be still before the Word of God
  • Engage the family in local mission projects that emphasize the sacrificial spirit of Christmas

There’s nothing wrong with concerts, caroling, cookies, or crafts in the month of December! It’s important to find joy in the fun and unique activities that accompany Christmas time. But if we get so wrapped up in the activities, we may lose all sight of our attitudes, which is never a good thing. This Christmas let’s purpose together around the fact that we mingle because God has given us a spirit of joy to enjoy the company of others and to reflect on his goodness and grace.

So, if the Christmas season is already dragging you down, take a big step back, curl up in the Word of God, and remember to focus on the child whose life brought the greatest celebration of joy this world has ever known. Hang in there and enjoy Christmas with your family! Go mingle and sound your jingles!

By: Dr. Lori Brown is a southern educator and writer who enjoys challenging families to grow deeper in their walk with the Lord.

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